Illuminate the Everyday

Illuminate the Everyday

OBP Medical has pioneered numerous medical advances, including the breakthrough single-use LED lighting technology in our ER-SPEC, OfficeSPEC, ONETRAC, SURE-SCOPE and ANOSPEC lines of single-use self-contained illuminating devices.

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ONETRAC single-use retractor with integrated LED light source is truly extraordinary.  The shape, the sterility, the light, and the price.  They are brighter and more focused than anything I own. All my other lighted instruments are away on the shelf for good.  Congratulations, ONETRAC is

Richard Ellenbogen MD, FACS, CEO


Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Beverly Hills Body

I love ONETRAC.  It was light and easy to use.  I was performing bilateral breast reconstruction which requires ease of movement from one side of the bed to the other with avoidance of any contamination.   This device was perfect!   I usually spend some wasted attention

Diana Y. Yoon-Schwartz, MD, PhD, FACS

Administrative Director of Microsurgical Reconstruction

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, ASPS Member

St Catherine of Siena Hospital

ONETRAC single-use cordless retractor with integrated LED light source gives me a very intense and comfortable illumination. This retractor is so lightweight, ergonomical, and provides an easy handle use. The fatigue sensation diminishes substantially.  Even when I connect the smoke evacuation, ONETRAC continues with a

Dr. Rufino Iribarren

Plastic Surgeon

ASPS International Member

ONETRAC worked better than our usual autoclaved fiber-optic retractor for inframammary approach to (partial submuscular) breast implant placement.  It’s light weight, sturdy, easy to manipulate, has a very bright LED light to adequately illuminate the pocket, smoke evacuator/suction tube attachment is great design if needed

Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Specializing in Cosmetic Surgery

ASAPS Member Physician

I started using ANOSPEC about 3 years ago. They make our examination of patients more mobile since you don’t need to worry about the usual light.  I use them to do RBL’s after colonoscopy.  I like the disposability.

Joseph Thornton

Associate Professor of Surgery

University of Nevada, School of Medicine

ER-SPEC is the best!!! Never a chance of cross-contamination or infection, our forensic examiners love them. With the light source so steady, photography of injury is much easier!!

Sherri Thornton

Forensic Program Coordinator


Maine General Medical Center

Brought a sample of ER-SPEC back to our ER for trial. Our entire staff went wild. Love the convenience, the cleanliness, no need for trying to find working light bulbs or cords. We started using them in the ER, now the entire hospital has converted.

Penelope Blake


Good Samaritan Medical Center

I am a regular user of ANOSPEC and my patients have not experience any discomfort. The clear plastic and sleekness of the scope increases the ease of insertion. ANOSPEC is reasonable in cost and therefore lowers the cost of doing the procedure. The customer service

Rhonda Cook


Premier Medical Centre, LLC

ANOSPEC is extremely easy and convenient to use. I used a transparent anoscope prior but light and absence of a handle were limitations. I have found that the design with standard speculum handle allows me to hold positioning easier for procedures. The benefit of ANOSPEC

Mark Williams

Chief of Surgery

Perry Memorial Hospital

Excellent spec for use in a new growing practice. Use with many first time patients whose comfort is important. The visualization is clear and direct. ER-SPEC is my favorite instrument.

Patricia Schmidt

Chief Medical Officer

Center for Transforming Health

Using the prelit ANOSPEC means that we never have to search for a light source.  ANOSPEC is lightweight which means it stays in place better and makes injury photography easier. Thank you for this wonderful product.

Ellen Johnson

SANE Program Supervisor

Regions Hospital

These speculums are perfect for evaluating victims of sexual assault. you can see much more clearly with ER-SPEC than with the traditional light source.

Barbara Lopez-Heffernan

Nurse Practitioner

Nassau University Medical Center

Love ER-SPEC – very portable speculums with excellent lighting & easy to use – no cords to find, get lost or stolen; no cleaning or concerns for cross-contamination. Thank you!

Teresa Coyne

Clinical Coordinator

Memorial Hermann Katy South

With its built-in light, ANOSPEC makes the performance of anoscopy in the office easier to perform and more accurate.

Lauren Gerson


California Pacific Medical Center

ANOSPEC is awesome! We have many specialized procedures here and the light is outstanding on this anoscope. The quality is also superior.

Megan Herr

Director of Nursing and Operations

Lancaster Gastroenterolgy

Our doctors really enjoy using ANOSPEC. The best part of this product is the built-in light source, the quality of the light source and the fact that no heat is generated from the light. With your single-use scope with obturator, it makes an exam simple

Gwen OQuin

Practice Manager

Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates

The light in ER-SPEC is always shining bright and right where you need it. No attaching or chasing down a separate light source.

Sharlene Cassidy

Staff Nurse IV


Seton Medical Center

With ER-SPEC, you don’t have to keep up with a light source. Everything you need is right there in the package.

Jackie Stovall

Materials Management Coordinator

Marion General Hospital

 Our doctors love ANOSPEC, light is already to go and use immediately. I like that it is disposable as well.

Tammy Ives

Endoscopy Tech II

Yavapai Regional Medical Center

ANOSPEC makes examining simple – good visualization and is disposable as well as cost-effective.

Steven Gillon


Digestive Health Center - Englewood

We have ordered ER-SPEC for two different SANE programs, and love how easy they are to use. The light covering being black and then shining right down the speculum instead of lighting up the handle – this makes it easy to get a good colposcopic

Elyse Diewald

SANE Coordinator

Boulder Community Health - Foothills

The use of ER-SPEC hastens the time of prep for gynecological exams which improves our turnaround time, waiting time, and our patient satisfaction. Nurses also like them as they don’t have to run around looking for separates components. It also helps by not having the

Francisco Torres Galarza

Emergency Room Physician


Rio Grande Regional

We use ER-SPEC for our SANE Program and love it. We are considering using it in the ER. It eliminates the need for a light source and make doing exams faster and easier.

Heather Roberts

Emergency Room Manager

St. Thomas More Hospital

ER-SPEC is perfect to use for in-office hysteroscopies and colposcopies. These procedures often have liquids involved which can ruin the type of LED lighting system that inserts into regular plastic speculums. The length of lighting with the ER-SPEC is plenty for these procedures.

Faye Ameredes


Harmony Health for Women

Staff loves ER-SPEC for the convenience of not having to search the department for a light source!!!!!

Kara Cleveland

Professional Development Coordinator

Bristol Hospital

Our physicians like that SURE-SCOPE is plastic so they don’t have to worry about hitting teeth and the light is by far some of the brightest they have worked with.

Chad Anderson

Purchasing/Materials Management

Crosstown Surgery Center

No more scrubbing with a brush, soaking, autoclaving or swinging a fiber-optic light into position. These new disposable self-lit speculums provide bright light with no cords or battery packs. The plastic click sound has represented another efficiency as I no longer have to turn a

Raymond C. Lackore M.D.

FACOG Board Certified OB-GYN

Art & Science of OB-GYN

ONETRAC allows the implanting surgeon/cardiologist to NOT wear a headlight. During a procedure the surgeon must be looking at the image screen of the fluoroscopy. If the headlight is on it washes out the screen image thus it must be turned off. Then to look

Douglas McConnell M.D., FACS

Director of Cardiac Surgery

Shasta Regional Medical Center

Our emergency department is continually looking to enhance clinical workflows while improving patient care and ER-SPEC allows us to accomplish both goals. With ER-SPEC, our staff no longer have to search for light sources or leave patients in exam rooms while we track down equipment.

Bonnie Suydam MSN, RN, CEN

UH Case Medical Center

I used a SURE-SCOPE today to intubate a morbidly obese patient with a short neck.  It was great – light was much better than our metal handles and metal blades; light stayed bright for over 20 minutes. Strong plastic.

Gabe Wilson M.D.

Medical Director, Emergency Department

CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center

We’ve been using the ER-SPEC here in the ED for about 2 months now and the staff LOVES them!

Dave Szepytowski

Inventory Coordinator

St. John Hospital & Medical Center

I now use the ANOSPEC over my old Welch Allyn anoscope.  I love em.  Quick, bright light, and the larger size works for hemorrhoid banding.

Erich Bruhn, M.D.

Colorectal Surgeon

Bruhn Erich MD

We absolutely love the ER-SPEC. They are a game changer for us. My docs no longer have to look for a light source and then a speculum and then wonder if it is clean and then wonder whatever else goes on in their head as

Mark R Brown BSN RN CEN

Nurse Manager

Emergency Services

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

I LOVE the ER-SPEC. They are far superior to the Welch Allyn KleenSpec in terms of ease of use.

Sydney Schneidman, M.D.

Emergency Medicine Doctor

Schneidman Sydney W MD

The ER-SPEC has been so popular with the ED physicians, it has now completely replaced our metal ones. The ease of use, reliability and brightness of the light source, and the fact that it’s completely single-use are all wonderful attributes.  Once the physicians in our

Dee Guttadore

Clinical Nurse Manager

Emergency Department

Sycamore Medical Center

Through a consortium of experts, we had a unique opportunity to test OBP’s ER-SPEC in a variety of settings. The ER-SPEC exceeded our expectations for both clinical evaluation and intra-vaginal photodocumentation. OBP’s innovative product design puts to rest many of our long-standing concerns related to

Rachell A. Ekroos PhC APRN-BC AFN-BC

Forensic Medical Consultant

Center for Forensic Nursing Excellence International

The ANOSPEC is wonderful to use. Easy to insert and more importantly, no more struggling to get the light directed properly. Making the light a part of the anoscope makes the exam easier for both the patient and the provider. I definitely recommend this product

Herbert Brosbe, M.D.

Family Medicine Doctor

Annadel Medical Group: Brosbe Herbert D MD

The ER SPEC is like liquid gold, the best thing since sliced bread.

Jackie Walker

Office Manager

Rockwell Family Medicine

Christiana Care Primary Care

There is a light at the end of the tunnel finally! The ANOSPEC has increased my visibility for evidence collection in patients who have been anal raped. I was so excited to try this tool as it saved me time and immediately after removing the

Diana Faugno

Nurse Examiner


Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center

Eisenhower Medical Center

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