ER-SPEC Single-Use Lighted Vaginal Speculum

ER-SPEC: Single-Use Lighted Vaginal Speculum

Illuminate the Everyday

obp is a global, privately held, medical device company that is reinventing the everyday tools that providers rely on by integrating single-use LED lighting technology into our single-use devices.

ONETRAC Single-Use Cordless Lighted Retractor with Integrated Smoke Evacuation

ONETRAC Single-Use Cordless Lighted Retractor with Integrated Smoke Evacuation

Simplify with Single-Use Illumination

As the leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices, we integrate light with device — making them one — creating effective and simplified single-use solutions.

Our innovative products are used in more than 10,000 physician offices, clinics, surgery centers and hospitals throughout the United States and worldwide.

ANOSPEC Single-Use Lighted Anoscope

ANOSPEC: Single-Use Lighted Anoscope

What Providers are Saying


ONETRAC single-use retractor with integrated LED light source is truly extraordinary. The shape, the sterility, the light, and the price. They are brighter and more focused than anything I own. All my other lighted instruments are away on the shelf for good. Congratulations, ONETRAC is the product of the year."

Richard Ellenbogen MD, FACS, CEO

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon, Beverly Hills Body


Brought a sample of ER-SPEC back to our ER for trial. Our entire staff went wild. Love the convenience, the cleanliness, no need for trying to find working light bulbs or cords. We started using them in the ER, now the entire hospital has converted. I still have staff members thank me for bringing the samples back!"

Penelope Blake, RN

Good Samaritan Medical Center


Our doctors really enjoy using ANOSPEC. The best part of this product is the built-in light source, the quality of the light source and the fact that no heat is generated from the light. With your single-use scope with obturator, it makes an exam simple and more effective than traditional metal anoscopes that have no light. We find that using your single-use ANOSPEC is more sanitary than reusing metal scopes, as well as being ideal in our busy office. We love that they are individually wrapped, ready for use immediately and the clear scope makes for a more complete exam of the entire anal canal."

Gwen OQuin

Practice Manager, Colon & Rectal Surgery Associates


I used SURE-SCOPE to intubate a morbidly obese patient with a short neck. It was great – light was much better than our metal handles and metal blades."

Gabe Wilson M.D.

Medical Director, Emergency Department, CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital – Medical Center

SURE-SCOPE Single-Use Lighted Laryngoscope

SURE-SCOPE: Single-Use Lighted Laryngoscope