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Posts from Month: September 2013

Hemorrhoid Banding Procedure Overview

Hemorrhoid banding is a safe and painless procedure that reduces the discomfort, pain and itching associated with the condition. Hemorrhoids can be caused by a variety of issues ranging from straining during a bowel movement to pushing during childbirth. In most cases, hemorrhoids will correct themselves over time. In instances where they become infected or…

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10 Sources of Cross-Contamination in Hospitals

Cross-contamination is a major concern for anyone working in a hospital or clinical setting. This includes doctors and nurses as well as other hospital staff. There are plenty of opportunities for cross-contamination to occur. Most of these opportunities may be expected, but there are some opportunities that all health care professionals should be aware of…

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Environmental Impact: Single-Use vs. Reusable

One of the common debates in medical offices across the country – and around the world – is over the environmental impact of single-use devices. In the current climate and economy, it’s understandable that practice managers, facilities managers and supply chain specialists are concerned with running a leaner, greener business. Today we’re going to discuss…

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Overcrowding in Emergency Departments: Every Second Counts.

Overcrowding in emergency rooms is a rapidly growing issue. In a national survey conducted by the American Hospital Association (AHA), it was discovered that nearly one out of every three emergency rooms across the United States are pushed beyond their capacity. So much so that ambulances are often diverted to other hospitals to handle the…

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