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Posts from Month: October 2013

Hospital ER's – An Important Source of Revenue for Hospitals

The average patient probably doesn’t see a hospital, or the emergency department, as what it truly is – a business. Like any business, there are financial strengths and weaknesses within the model structure. As the push to control rising health costs continues, it is critical that administrators start trimming the fat in medical facilities and…

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Direct Laryngoscopy Is Here To Stay

Why do more than half of emergency physicians still prefer direct laryngoscopy to the modern video tracheal intubation systems? There are obvious advantages to the look-around-the-curve approach found with video, yet many doctors prefer the simplicity and feel of the direct laryngoscope. It is a debate that has been going on at airway management conferences…

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Infrared Coagulator (IRC) by Redfield Corporation

Hemorrhoids are the result of inflamed or swollen veins in or around the anus, which can cause bleeding, irritation, itching or discomfort to the patient. While simple at-home treatments may be used to relieve these symptoms, medical intervention is often required, as for those patients seeking relief for internal or external hemorrhoids which bleed and…

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CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Removal System

Founded in 2000, CRH Medical has become one of the fastest growing companies specializing in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Their track record of providing high quality, patient friendly products has made them a leader in the industry. Their breakthrough hemorrhoid banding technology, the O’Regan System, has allowed physicians and facilities to save both time and…

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