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Posts from Month: November 2013

Why Hospitals Are Starting Their Own Urgent Care Networks

Are urgent care centers lucrative enough to increase hospital revenues? The surprising answer is not really. The truth is most walk-in treatment facilities fail financially in comparison to other healthcare businesses. So, why are more hospitals expanding into this healthcare industry? Moving Outside the Emergency Room Urgent care centers seem like a concept that just surfaced…

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Patients Are Turning To Urgent-Care Centers

It’s a growing trend. You used to hear people say, “Maybe you should go to the emergency room.” Today, you are just as likely to hear “urgent care center.” This shift in vocabulary is not an accident. Urgent treatment centers are reshaping the healthcare industry, according to USA Today. So, why are they the new…

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The Case For Single-Use Laryngoscope Blades and Handles

The opportunities for nosocomial cross-contamination in operating theaters, emergency rooms and in the field are growing at an alarming rate as technology enhancements continue to evolve. For example, one study shows that hospital keyboards are a key area of hazard and difficult to disinfect. One way to counteract some of the risk factors is to…

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ESSURE by Bayer

Women looking to get out from under the cycle of monthly or quarterly birth control might consider a more permanent option. Essure, originally offered by Conceptus Inc. but now owned by Bayer, gives them a nonsurgical way of meeting that goal through hysteroscopy. The Procedure Essure in an in-office procedure that creates a natural barrier…

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