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Posts from Month: December 2013

Novasure by Hologic

Approximately 10 million women in the United States suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding. It is a concern that affects their quality of life and one of the most common gynecological complaints. Through endometrial ablation, these same women get relief in just minutes. The NovaSure procedure by Hologic is a hysteroscopic procedure that requires less maneuvering…

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Gastroenterologist Shortage Being Forecasted

Experts predict a shortage of gastroenterologists by the year 2020. This prediction is not based on the number of physicians opting to enter this specialty, but instead, on the presumed demand. The international community is experiencing a flux of seniors and that is likely to increase the need for colorectal cancer screening. A 2009 study…

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Gastroenterologist Now Treating Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid banding is not a common gastroenterology procedure but that is changing. More and more gastroenterologists are performing anoscopy services like rubber band ligation. Why? The reasons vary, but mostly, because it makes sense. A gastroenterologist focuses on diseases that affect the gastrointestinal tract. Common sense says that hemorrhoids would be a concern along with…

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The Business of Delivering Babies

The Seventh Annual HealthGrades Maternity Care in American Hospital Study ranks a top hospital as one with fewer complications requiring intervention or hysteroscopy procedures. The average mom to be might add luxury to that formula, as well. Business gurus claim both components are necessary to be a top-rated hospital for maternity care. Consider some ways…

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