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Posts from Month: April 2014

Are Nurses Underutilized?

The shortage of doctors has long been a topic of conversation in medical communities. The National Rural Health Association claims this scarcity is especially prevalent in areas like western North Carolina where there is one doctor for every 4,400 patients. Hospitals are facing not only staffing problems, but also financial issues due to health care…

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Medicaid Increases Emergency Room Visits

The Affordable Care Act is making Medicaid available to more people throughout the country with hopes of reducing stress on the emergency department. In theory, the expansion should eliminate the need to use hospital emergency rooms for anything but emergent cases. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ER visits have been…

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Vaginal Speculum: Single-Use vs. Reusable

The debate between reusable and single-use rages on in the medical community, but when considering what vaginal speculum to use, it’s not much of an argument. The bivalved vaginal specula have been a staple tool in medicine since as far back as the ancient Greeks. Physicians still relying on the old-school metal device might be…

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