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Posts from Month: May 2014

Laryngoscopes: Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Storage

The platform for the disinfection and sterilization of equipment such as a laryngoscope created over 30 years ago by Earle H. Spaulding still works in today’s modern healthcare environment, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Medical equipment can be a source of cross-contamination if not properly cleaned and stored. The standardizing of…

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HAI Burden

HAI prevention and cross-contamination are hot topics in health care right now. Healthcare-associated infections, HAI, have medical facilities searching for products and protocols that provide sustainable HAI prevention. Infection preventionists manage both the business side of infection control and the clinical application. The job requires them to evaluate products and create business cases for project…

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Healthcare-associated infections are a prevalent public health concern in the United States. The Department of Health and Human Services reports, although there is a slight decrease in bloodstream and surgical site infections, there are still increases in the rate of hospitalizations with Clostridium difficile. HAIs account for around 90,000 deaths a year in this country….

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US Military Study Proves OBP Medical Specula Add Value and Reduce Cost

Military physicians face challenges when selecting tools like vaginal specula. The environment that military personnel work in can be extreme, so exams may take place in tents or a makeshift clinic. In 2013, a group of researchers conducted a study to determine whether a novel self-lighted, disposable speculum was a good fit for military medicine….

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