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Posts from Month: June 2014

5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Facility Should Use SURE-SCOPE

The debate rages on in the medical community about whether a single-use laryngoscope is a more practical and cost-efficient option. For example, studies show that even with disinfection, reusable handles and blades carry bacteria. Hospitals are facing scrutiny over cross-contamination issues and the increase in nosocomial infections. Consider five reasons why OBP Medical’s SURE-SCOPE is…

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Medical Device Companies and Social Media

Are medical device companies behind the times when it comes to social media usage? It would seem so. A 2009 study conducted by one manufacturer showed only 20 percent of medical device companies used social media. That number has probably grown, but remains low in comparison to other industries. Why is this one facet of the industry failing…

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Joint Commission (JCAHO)

Since 1951, the Joint Commission (JCAHO), formerly the Joint Commission of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, has been a driving force in the healthcare industry and cross-contamination control. Accreditation is the difference between working within the Medicare system or not for medical facilities. What is the purpose of this accreditation and what influence does the commission…

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Healthcare Reform Forces Hospitals to Reduce HAI's

Since the passing of the health care reform bill in 2010, the medical industry has been shifting to a system of awards and penalties related to cross-contamination issues. In 2015, the effect of hospital-acquired infections, HAIs, will become a financial reality for facilities that depend on the Medicare payment system. The new laws put into…

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