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Posts from Month: August 2014

Avoid Long ER Wait Times With InQuicker

The healthcare industry is fighting back against the escalating wait times in emergency rooms. A 2009 report from Press Ganey Associates, a group that studies clinical outcomes, stated that the average ER wait time was at least six hours. The data showed that nearly 400,000 patients had waited over 24 hours for care. InQuicker and…

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Hospital Elevator Buttons Are A Hotbed For Bacteria

When discussing cross-contamination problems in hospitals, it is often the little things that get left out of the picture. With one in every 25 patients developing a hospital-acquired infection, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, finding these hidden sources is a critical issue. Seemingly innocuous objects like computer keyboards and divider curtains…

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Dirty Devices

Are dirty devices to blame for the escalation of hospital-acquired infections? A case involving an infection outbreak at Methodist Hospital in Houston proves how venerable medical devices are to cross-contamination. In the Methodist Hospital incident, tissue from previous patients was found buried deep in surgical equipment, even though the facility followed the manufacturer’s recommendations for…

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Laryngoscope Illumination Study #2

By now, most practitioners understand the benefits of a single-use laryngoscope when it comes to infection control, but are there other perks? A study conducted by researchers in Halifax, Canada looked at how light source and the intensity of illumination factored into the use of disposable laryngoscope blades. Proper luminance is a critical factor during…

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