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Posts from Month: September 2014

Growing Urgent Care Market Offers More Access to Healthcare

How do urgent care centers fit into the new health care regime? One word sums up the advantage of using this service – accessibility. It is the medical option of choice for healthcare consumers that don’t want to spend weeks waiting to see a primary care physician, but that also don’t like the idea of going to…

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Are Nurses the First Line of Defense Against HAI's?

Are nurses the first line of defense against healthcare associated infections (HAI’s)? Nurses facilitate cleaning by monitoring the environment to ensure the patient’s safety. How do nurses aid in the fight against cross-contamination and hospital acquired infections? It Starts with Education Not just educating nurses, but nurses training other healthcare works in the importance of controlling…

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Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) Database

What is the MAUDE system maintained by the FDA? MAUDE stands for the Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience. This is a tool the U.S. Food and Drug Administration provides to monitor medical devices. That makes it a valuable resource for the medical community. MAUDE offers a localized database for passive postmarket surveillance of medical devices….

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When Reprocessing Fails

Why should practices and medical facilities switch to a single-use disposable vaginal speculum system? There is a lot of talk about cross-contamination control, but it is the horror stories that really show the benefits. Parkland Memorial Hospital, located in Dallas, Texas, is one of the major teaching hospitals associated with the University of Texas Southwestern…

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