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Posts from Month: January 2015

ObamaCare Increases Reliance on Emergency Rooms

One of the driving forces behind the Affordable Care Act was to shift the focus to primary care physicians and ease the strain on emergency rooms, but has that worked? Not according to a recent study published in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. The study, conducted by a second-year medical student, indicates that the…

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Top 10 Patient Safety Issues for 2015

What is the ultimate goal of any medical professional? Do no harm. Whether it is an EMT working in the field, private practice, urgent care clinic or hospital, the best patient outcome possible within the safest environment available is what all healthcare facilities strive for. Consider some of the trending safety issues you face in…

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HAIs Keep Healthcare Industry on High Alert

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) continue to be a problem, but why? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates HAIs cost the healthcare industry over 20 billion dollars and are a key reason for the reduction in Medicare payments. Each year, physicians lose almost 100,000 patients to an infection they received while getting medical treatment. The…

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ER-SPEC Awarded Contract with Novation GPO

What happens when the leading developer of single-use medical devices teams up with the leading health care services company? A historic partnership is formed that will provide single-use vaginal speculum with built-in light sources to health care providers throughout the country. Since 1998, Novation has accumulated more than 100,000 members and is still growing strong. They…

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