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Posts from Month: May 2015

Most Countries are Unprepared for Superbug

The growing concern of superbug infections is an international one, but are all countries prepared for the possibility? A recent report released by the World Health Organization, WHO, asked this very question. The answer might surprise you. The Report Issued by WHO The news coming from the World Health Organization is discouraging. Officials there surveyed…

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Reprocessing Medical Devices; Can It Be Done?

With superbugs becoming a more prevalent problem in healthcare, is it even possible to safely reprocess medical devices without a risk of cross-contamination? After almost two hundred patients at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center were exposed to carbapenem-resistant, or CRE, a bacterial infection with an over 50 percent mortality rate and now a second potentially…

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Superbug Outbreak at Virginia Mason

What does this new wave of infections at Seattle’s Virginia Mason Medical Center mean for hospitals around the country? With at least 39 people infected in this latest round of outbreaks associated with duodenoscopes, all eyes in the medical community focus on new cleaning protocols recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Will…

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Healthcare-Associated Infections in Breast Implant Patients

Women undergoing breast reconstruction top the list of patients at risk for surgical site infections. This is an especially traumatic fact given that many of these women have undergone a mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis. Due to the potential of infection, these women must wait until after they undergo radiation treatment to get the…

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