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Posts from Month: July 2015

How Effective are Infection Preventionists?

Are cumbersome reporting requirements getting in the way of the prevention of healthcare associated infections? One study says maybe. Reporting of data regarding safety measures and infection control is done on both the state and federal level. It is the federal standards that were recently studied by infection preventionists (IP) at Robert Wood Johnson University…

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Plastic Surgery Increases in Popularity

Since its introduction into the market in the 1960s, the trend towards cosmetic breast enhancement has been slowly building. Today, around 300,000 women go under the knife to get the breasts they want. Another 100,000 opt for reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. The ability to have that much control over your body is empowering for…

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OBP Medical Launches ONETRAC All-in-One Surgical Retractors

  OBP Medical is excited to announce the launch of our ONETRAC family of fully disposable surgical retractors. The line is the first on the market to offer a built-in, single-use LED light source. The result is a cost-effective, all-in-one and entirely disposable device that delivers enhanced functionality and ease of use for physicians and…

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Anesthesiologists Must Strive To Improve Infection Control

A recent session held by the New York State Society of Anesthesiologists during their 68th Annual Post Graduate Assembly bubbled up a discussion about infection control in the industry. Anesthesiologists face challenges when it comes to preventing healthcare acquired infections, because the tools they use, such as a laryngoscope, are often the culprits in cross-contamination…

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