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Posts from Month: October 2015

Reusable vs. Single-use Medical Devices

Reusable medical devices have long been the standard choice in the healthcare industry, but evidence suggests that single-use devices may offer greater benefits. Here are some factors to consider when comparing reusable and single-use medical devices. Safety Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are a common but avoidable complication of patient care. Effective decontamination of reusable devices is…

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Cross-Contamination in OB/GYN Office

OB/GYNs across the country use vaginal speculums during pelvic exams. For years, the medical community has relied on reusable metal speculums, which are disinfected and reprocessed so that they can be used on patient after patient. While these reusable speculums might seem cost effective in the long run, they also present cross-contamination dangers that simply…

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