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Posts from Month: December 2015

Moving Into A Post-Antibiotic Era

Do emerging resistant bacteria indicate that the world is moving into a post-antibiotic era? Even Sir Alexander Fleming, the father of antibiotics, predicted a time when microbes would become resistant do over exposure to penicillin. Adaptability is what perpetuates a species, so it is common sense that bacteria would find a way to evolve. Multi-drug…

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Pacemaker Implantation and Infection Control

Pacemakers are often lifesaving for patients with abnormal heart rhythms, yet infections following implantation can be life-threatening, especially in immune-compromised patients. Two types of infection may occur: pocket infections, which affect the subcutaneous pocket containing the pacemaker and the subcutaneous portion of the leads, and systemic infections, which affect the transvenous segment of the leads….

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Should Doctors Go Bare Below the Elbow?

Is the bare bones approach for doctors a practical solution for infection control? The United Kingdom adopted an initiative that requires all health care workers to remain bare below the elbows, or BBE, as a way to prevent cross-contamination and lower the risk of healthcare-acquired infections, according to Queensland Health. The goal is to remove…

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FDA Recalls Machine That Cleans Endoscopes

In the wake of CRE outbreaks in Los Angeles and Seattle comes yet another strike to the industry. Federal officials are recalling close to 2,800 machines made by a Pennsylvania manufacturer that are designed to clean endoscopes. Scopes that are near impossible to get clean have been pinpointed as the cause of outbreaks at a…

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