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Posts from Month: March 2016

The Rochester Approach To Fighting C. Difficile

Medical facilities across the country are seeing more outbreaks of especially resilient bacteria – Clostridium difficile. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that this pathogen was responsible for almost half a million infections in 2011 and close to 30,000 deaths. The city of Rochester, New York is fighting back as the hospitals unite…

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Is Reprocessing Medical Devices Effective?

Gone are the days when central sterile processing (CSP) was enough to ensure that medical professionals were getting the best possible usage out of a vaginal speculum. With all of the outbreaks that have taken place over the past 20 years — outbreaks which, incidentally, could have been avoided — we’ve come up with this…

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Managing Difficult Pediatric Airways

A recent study shows that pediatric anesthesiologists may not spot the difficult intubation as easily as some might think. Children are less susceptible to airway management problems, so information about difficult airways is limited, according to the Manual of Emergency Airway Management. With this in mind, investigators with The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto…

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Medical Tourist Risks with SSI

The CDC Report In their Notes from the Field report dated March 2015, the CDC provided information regarding two cases of rapidly growing nontuberculous mycobacterial surgical-site infections. Both patients had cosmetic surgery done at a private surgical clinic in the Dominican Republic one month before seeking treatment for a wound infection in the U.S. In…

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