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Posts from Month: May 2016

Healthcare Systems and Standard of Care

Transparency is one of the main strategies for top health systems and some do it better than others. This year, Truven Health Analytics evaluated health systems around the country to find the top performers and the measures that got them there. The study looked closely at 338 systems and compared them using publicly available research…

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4 Tips for a Safer Healthcare Facility

With healthcare-associated infections on the rise, facilities are looking for ways to keep patients safer, regardless of the cost. Medicare has made HAI data monitoring part of their reimbursement criteria and that means many private insurance companies will, as well. Healthcare reform is bolstering the concept of consumerisms, too, so patients pay attention to things…

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Most Clinical Disinfectants Resistant to HPV

Are your patients as protected as they should be from human papillomavirus (HPV)? A 2014 study published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy suggests they are not. Research shows that even with proper use of clinical disinfectants, health care providers might be transmitting this virus from patient to patient. Why HPV is Such a Challenge…

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Debunking Myths About the Disposal of Alkaline Batteries

Controversies abound regarding the safe disposal of alkaline batteries and their use in single-use medical devices. Many people are confused about what to do with alkaline batteries that need to be disposed of or no longer work. Can they be thrown away? Should they be recycled? Are they harmful to the environment? This article seeks…

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More Patients Linked to Superbug Outbreak

By now, most individuals working in healthcare have heard about the CRE outbreaks and the tainted gastrointestinal scopes, but is the real story just coming out? A new congressional investigation is indicating that the number of victims may actually be much higher than originally thought. CRE Outbreaks In 2012, a pattern began to emerge that…

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