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Posts from Month: April 2017

Common procedures: Laryngoscopy

A procedure used by physicians to inspect the larynx, laryngoscopies are typically used after patients complain of symptoms of the throat and voice box.

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Cervical cancer mortality rates surprisingly high

A new study published in Cancer, a publication of the American Cancer Society, found that cervical cancer mortality rates are likely considerably higher than originally feared.

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Diagnosing anal cancer

Given that HPV is linked with anal cancer, it is important that health care facilities take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination with HPV in the clinical setting, namely by using single-use medical tools.

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The potential dangers of surgical smoke

In cases of surgery where tissue is dissected using products such as electrosurgical units, lasers, high speed drills and cautery units, surgical smoke is produced. As with smoke in any other context, repeated exposure can be harmful.

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