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Posts from Month: March 2018

Discussing important medical matters

Improving Surgical Safety Using Single Use, Disposable Medical Instruments

Although there are no empirical studies directly, comparing infection rates of surgical infection between surgery using one-time instruments and surgery using reusable instruments, (In fact, a thorough literature search uncovered no articles that were relevant to that question), overcoming infections caused by improperly maintained surgical instruments is a growing medical concern. Spoiled sterility of stainless…

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Female doctor shaking hands with patient in clinic

Why Do Women Need Pelvic Exams?

Many women find themselves dreading their annual pelvic exams. Not only is it uncomfortable, but, for some women, it may cause a high level of anxiety. This simple procedure, while fast, has not been shown as effective in detecting several common gynecologic conditions as many women would hope–particularly given the emotional discomfort often associated with the…

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Preventing Surgical Infections: What can be done to minimize risk

Surgery breaches the body’s external armor against infections. Therefore, infections inevitably occur. Any foreign substances of any size can cause them. Surgical infections directly affect the body’s health and often cause systemic problems such as septic shock. Furthermore, infection forces physicians to use an antibiotic treatment that brings its own risks and leads to increased microbiological…

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Stories of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery may be more than cosmetic changes and can have important psychosocial and medical functions. Medical necessity Most plastic surgery is medically necessary to improve health. The surgeries may have important cosmetic secondary effects as well. The surgery to correct an imperfect jaw can improve the patient’s jaw function and ability to breathe while…

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