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Posts from Month: May 2018

female doctor talking to female patient

5 Reasons Female Millennials Skip Their Annual Exam

STD’s, cancers, uterine fibroids, and other health concerns are not uncommon among women between the ages of 18 and 34. Also not uncommon among them is the idea that annual exams aren’t that important. But no matter what the popular opinion is, there are vital reasons for Gen Y’ers to schedule an appointment soon and to go…

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obgyn consulting with young female patient

Hysterectomy: When is it Necessary?

Unfortunately, there is a negative connotation when it comes to the medical term, “hysterectomy.” Ultimately, this is because this surgical procedure prevents women from becoming pregnant. However, there are some cases where a hysterectomy is necessary or recommended for health purposes. Essentially, it’s important that women understand the process and when it may be necessary…

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doctors performing surgery in hospital operating room

Lighting The Dark Corners: Medical Devices Brighten The World

In most developed countries, the flip-click of a light switch, the hum of the heater, and the whir of a fan are sounds that constitute part of the ordinary day. We rarely think about how we create electricity, how much we need electric power, and the extent it controls our lives — until we lose…

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