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Posts from Month: August 2018

team of surgeons in an operating room using single-use medical devices

Are Your Reusable Medical Devices Really Sterile?

Reusable medical devices are in use throughout many healthcare facilities, from the emergency room to the operating room. These devices are typically put through stringent sterilization procedures before they’re deemed patient-ready for reuse. Unfortunately, those sterilization processes aren’t always as effective as most medical professionals – not to mention their patients – would like to…

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Doctor talking to a patient to help reduce the risk of infection after surgery

Preventive Measures to Reduce the Risk of Infection after Surgery

Surgery has become relatively common in the U.S. In fact, surgeries such as liposuction are up by 5% from 2016, and breast augmentation surgery is up by 3%. Individuals are undergoing surgery for various reasons ranging from serious health concerns to minor surgical procedures for body enhancements. Surgeries like hysterectomy, cesarean, and joint replacement are just…

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