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Posts from Month: September 2018

a male doctor using a computer with his colleagues standing behind him

Single-Use Medical Devices Are Often More Budget-Friendly

Proponents of reusable surgical devices often cite long-term savings as a top reason to buy reusable devices instead of single-use devices. However, these price comparisons often do not consider the cost of sterilization equipment, preventive maintenance, and replacement parts. Below is a look at the true cost of reusable surgical devices and the reasons why…

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a young woman with a sore throat in need of a laryngoscopy

What is Laryngoscopy and Who Needs This Procedure?

Laryngoscopy is a common exam performed by doctors that gives them a close-up view of the larynx and throat. The larynx is located at the top of the trachea and is your voice box. Additionally, the larynx is involved in breathing and protecting the trachea from food aspiration. It’s important that individuals keep their larynx…

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a team of surgeons working to perform a surgery with cordless medical devices

Cutting the Cord: The Advantages of Cordless Medical Devices

Cord and Cable Management: An Unnecessary Hassle One of the key advantages of single-use medical devices is that they reduce concerns about sterility and cross-contamination. But sterility isn’t just important for medical devices themselves; it’s also an important factor in the cords and cables that power those devices. Fiber optic devices provide light when it’s…

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