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Posts from Month: January 2019


The Top Ten Reasons to Equip Your Staff with Vaginal Exam Kits

Over 60 million pelvic exams are performed in the United States every year. The majority of these procedures unfold as planned with little disruption to regular scheduling. However, productivity and revenue can be stalled when the devices and supplies needed to perform pelvic exams are missing or in need of maintenance. Fortunately, a growing number…

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Are Your Medical Devices Up to Code? 14 Tips to Implement ISO 13485:2016

In Spring 2018, the Food and Drug Administration announced it would revise its Quality System regulation for medical devices. The federal agency said it would use the existing requirements and specifications of ISO 13485:2016. An international consensus of experts developed these standards to manufacture medical devices. The FDA says the revisions would harmonize domestic and…

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7 Ways Integrated Light Sources Can Reduce Error During Anoscopy Procedures

For years, medical professionals have relied upon traditional light sources when performing procedures that require examination of a patient’s anus or lower rectum. In recent years, the introduction of single-use anoscopes that feature an integrated light source has revolutionized these types of procedures by reducing the risk of infection and optimizing convenience for medical providers….

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Conquering Rural Medicine’s Clinic Circuit Challenge

The vision of the “country doctor,” black bag in hand, traveling from house to house treating generations of patients was replaced years ago by a network of rural clinics in small towns; many staffed by a few dedicated medical technicians and augmented by traveling doctors and nurses. The face of the traveling medical profession is…

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