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Posts from Month: February 2019


Out of Darkness, Integrated Light: Reducing Errors During Anoscopy Procedures

One of the fastest ways for doctors to determine the presence of anal and rectal disorders ranging from hemorrhoids and inflammation to polyps, foreign objects, tumors, and infection, is the anoscopy. This relatively simple examination saves time, money, and mistakes in just a few minutes of observation. Anoscopy can determine whether the patient has a disorder…

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Unreliable and Unpredictable: Reusable Medical Devices’ Real Cost

When it comes to health care, Americans make frequent use of available facilities and treatments for a wide range of ailments: While hospital admissions have decreased in recent years, about 35 million Americans are admitted to a hospital every year. One in five Americans visits the emergency room annually. Nearly 85% of Americans have contact with a health care professional in a…

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Top 3 Risks of Cross-Contamination from Reusable Laryngoscopes

In 2017, the FDA released a list of reusable medical devices that “currently have the greatest risk of infection transmission and inadequate performance if not adequately reprocessed.” This list included laryngoscopes. The handling of cross-contaminated reusable medical devices poses a risk not only to patients but to healthcare facilities and their sterile processing departments. Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) already…

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