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Unreliable and Unpredictable: Reusable Medical Devices’ Real Cost

When it comes to health care, Americans make frequent use of available facilities and treatments for a wide range of ailments: While hospital admissions have decreased in recent years, about 35 million Americans are admitted to a hospital every year. One in five Americans visits the emergency room annually. Nearly 85% of Americans have contact with a health care professional in a…

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Top 3 Risks of Cross-Contamination from Reusable Laryngoscopes

In 2017, the FDA released a list of reusable medical devices that “currently have the greatest risk of infection transmission and inadequate performance if not adequately reprocessed.” This list included laryngoscopes. The handling of cross-contaminated reusable medical devices poses a risk not only to patients but to healthcare facilities and their sterile processing departments. Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) already…

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