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Posts from Month: September 2019

Unintegrated Lights above surgical team

7 Complications That Heated or Unintegrated Lights Cause During Medical Operations

The operating room is a demanding environment that requires expertise, efficiency, focus, and communication among the surgical team members. In order to ensure successful surgery, it is important to provide optimal working conditions for both medical professionals and patients. When it comes to a deep cavity, minimally invasive and lateral cases, good lighting is critical…

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Individually-Wrapped Components

10 Ways that Individually-Wrapped Components Save Lives in Overcrowded ERs

In emergency rooms across the nation, space is at a premium. As personnel quickly make necessary adjustments to accommodate urgent intakes, any available space often becomes cluttered. When spaces are packed to the brim, and medical personnel are racing to beat the clock, components may be at risk of becoming contaminated and dangerous to use. Individually-wrapped…

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Woman at the gynecology exams with doctor in front of medical equipment

The Top 6 Reasons Women Choose to Skip Annual Gynecological Exams

Annual gynecological exams are an important part of maintaining a woman’s overall health. Unfortunately, all too often, women choose to skip those exams–for a wide range of reasons. By identifying some of the reasons why women choose to skip those important exams, your office can do a better job of bringing women in for those…

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