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7 Benefits of Individually Wrapped Surgical and Medical Tools

7 Benefits of Individually Wrapped Surgical and Medical Tools

Purchasing medical equipment involves a number of decisions. What brand? What material? How will it be cleaned and sanitized? Individually wrapped surgical and medical tools is a growing trend. The single-use products can be discarded after being used, ensuring that it’s being used with only one patient.

Choosing tools that are individually wrapped offers a wide array of benefits for the medical community as well as for patients. Learning about them can make it easier to make the switch.


Provides Ease of Use

There’s a significant amount of ease of use associated with the individually wrapped tools. It’s as simple as opening a drawer or cabinet and reaching for the tool that is needed. Once the wrapper is opened, it’s ready to be used on the patient. There is no need to wonder about whether it has been sanitized or where it was used last.

Particularly when you’re dealing with a large number of patients in a single day, any time that you can save in order to start using the products that you need can make a dramatic impact in productivity.


Reduces the Time to Sanitize Equipment

Medical equipment has to go through various sanitization processes. Whether steam or chemicals are used, the equipment has to remain in the process for a certain period of time. Depending on the situation and whether the equipment has to dry, too, it can take 10 minutes or longer. This is not always an option, making it harder to provide treatment to patients in a timely manner.

Without using individually wrapped tools, there would be the need to have a large inventory of tools on hand. The costs of some tools can be costly, making it hard to have the inventory that is needed to get through a full day without having to stop and sanitize equipment at some point.

As such, being able to eliminate the waiting time of the sanitization process can make for a more productive day within a medical practice.


Guarantee of Sterility

Was a product sent for sterilization or not? What was it last used on? Did it sit in the steamer long enough? No healthcare provider should have these questions going through their mind prior to performing a procedure on a patient.

There are countless infection risks involved when products aren’t sterile. By using individually wrapped tools, there is no question. As long as you’re the one to open the wrapper, you can be sure that the tool you’re pulling out has been properly sterilized.


Peace of Mind for Patients

Patients want to know that the products being used on and in them are clean. If they see you open a drawer to retrieve a metal tool, they’ll have a million questions buzzing through their mind. It can result in anxiety, too, especially for those who are germaphobes. Procedures can be stressful enough. There’s no need to stress your patients out any further.

As soon as you pull out a tool that is individually wrapped, people can take a deep breath with the peace of mind that the tool is cleaned and properly sanitized. It can make the difference between patients choosing you or another healthcare provider because they feel safer when they see the tools being unwrapped in front of them.


No Contamination Risk

7 Benefits of Individually Wrapped Surgical and Medical Tools


It’s easy for medical equipment to be contaminated. On the way from the disinfecting station to the patient’s procedure table, there may be countless ways for it to be contaminated. Further, when you put a tool down on a table where there are several others, it can be difficult to tell which one was sanitized and which one was just used.

You don’t want to have to stress about contaminating the tools that you use with your patients. Instead, you can have a drawer of speculums, anoscopes, or other tools that are wrapped individually to avoid any kind of contamination.


Tracing Equipment Is Eliminated

Tracing equipment is often a full-time job. Traditional tools are used, disinfected, and placed into storage. The cleanliness isn’t traceable. You can’t track where it’s been once it’s been disinfected. With the disposable tools, you don’t have to account for what’s in inventory. It’s fully traceable, too, as there are lot numbers that you can trace back to manufacturing plants.

If there is ever a problem with a procedure, you need to know that the tools you use can be traced. It provides you with more certainty of the tools that you use on a regular basis. Otherwise, you’re taking a risk, hoping that you never need to trace equipment that was used with a patient.


Supply Logistics Aren’t an Issue

There’s also supply logistics to think about. Many surgical and medical tools that get sanitized and re-used can break. They can also get lost or stolen. Additionally, they can get misplaced on their way to or from a sanitization center. When you don’t have the tools that you need, it can end up costing a significant amount of money.

Single-use instruments make it easier for you to track the quantity that you need. If you plan on doing 100 of a particular procedure, you can have 100 of the individually wrapped tools needed to perform the procedure. Otherwise, you have a limited quantity of traditional tools and hope that none are broken or lost along the way.



You may be surprised by the number of individually wrapped tools that you can find on the market today. With more and more healthcare providers looking for the guarantee of sterility along with other benefits, it has led to more high-end products being developed. It ensures that you can take advantage of the benefits regardless of what procedures are being offered within your office or medical facility.

When you want to incorporate individually wrapped surgical and medical tools into your practice, obp offers a wide array of products to choose from. You can request samples of products, too, allowing you to see the high quality that is offered with each and every tool.


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