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Are Your Medical Devices Up to Code? 14 Tips to Implement ISO 13485:2016

In Spring 2018, the Food and Drug Administration announced it would revise its Quality System regulation for medical devices. The federal agency said it would use the existing requirements and specifications of ISO 13485:2016. An international consensus of experts developed these standards to manufacture medical devices. The FDA says the revisions would harmonize domestic and…

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Out of Darkness, Integrated Light: Reducing Errors During Anoscopy Procedures

One of the fastest ways for doctors to determine the presence of anal and rectal disorders ranging from hemorrhoids and inflammation to polyps, foreign objects, tumors, and infection, is the anoscopy. This relatively simple examination saves time, money, and mistakes in just a few minutes of observation. Anoscopy can determine whether the patient has a disorder…

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7 Ways Integrated Light Sources Can Reduce Error During Anoscopy Procedures

For years, medical professionals have relied upon traditional light sources when performing procedures that require examination of a patient’s anus or lower rectum. In recent years, the introduction of single-use anoscopes that feature an integrated light source has revolutionized these types of procedures by reducing the risk of infection and optimizing convenience for medical providers….

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Conquering Rural Medicine’s Clinic Circuit Challenge

The vision of the “country doctor,” black bag in hand, traveling from house to house treating generations of patients was replaced years ago by a network of rural clinics in small towns; many staffed by a few dedicated medical technicians and augmented by traveling doctors and nurses. The face of the traveling medical profession is…

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a team of surgeons working intently in an operating room

The Importance of Smoke Evacuation During Surgery

Air cleanliness is essential to maintaining a safe operating environment for patients, surgeons, and clinical staff. With the rise in plastic surgery procedures, a growing number of hospitals and surgery centers are using electro-surgical units to perform these procedures. While electro-surgical units offer superb cutting accuracy, they also produce smoke plumes that could be harmful to patients…

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medical team performing a surgery in an operating room using LED lighting

LED Lighting and Medical Device Trends

Healthcare facilities across the globe are replacing their halogen and incandescent lights with LED lights. From long-term cost savings to a cooler work environment, LED lighting has emerged as the dominant type of lighting found in today’s hospitals, surgery centers, and private practices. Below is a look at the key benefits of LED lighting and…

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a female doctor talking to a female patient about the risks of cosmetic genital surgery

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: What is it and What Are the Risks?

When you think of cosmetic surgery, your first thoughts are often of the most common ones such as facelifts, breast augmentations, or nose jobs. Because the results of these procedures are visible, people sometimes forget that there is a surgery to change the appearance of any part of the body the patient may be unhappy…

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doctor or physician writing diagnosis and giving a medical note to a female patient

Gender-Specific Symptoms in Gonorrhea

According to the CDC, gonorrhea is a very common sexually transmitted disease (STD) that is particularly prevalent among young people ages 15-24 who have multiple sexual partners. Spread by vaginal, oral, or anal intercourse, gonorrhea symptoms can range from mild to severe. Symptoms may manifest differently in men and women. It’s important to recognize the signs in…

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a smiling patient feels much better about her upcoming surgery after talking with her doctor considering endometriosis

Laparoscopy for Endometriosis and How it Affects Fertility

When you have endometriosis, you may experience menstrual cycles that are heavier than usual, abdominal pain, and even infertility. And though the symptoms may be difficult, laparoscopic surgery offers new hope. Used as a procedure to both diagnose and treat certain symptoms of endometriosis, laparoscopies can decrease pain and even improve the chances of conceiving. Below you’ll…

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doctor typing information on laptop in hospital office

The Contraceptive Vaginal Ring: Pros and Cons for Women

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 99% of women aged 15-44 who have had sexual intercourse have used at least one method of contraception. For those women who dislike the idea of taking a pill daily, having an implant placed, or getting injections, the contraceptive vaginal ring can present a viable alternative. A relatively new technology that garnered…

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