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Promoting the importance of routine pap smears: Tips for your clinic

There are a number of strategies that clinics can employ to help inform as many patients as possible about routine pap smears.

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Hospital acquired infections: Strategies for prevention

There are a number of simple yet effective ways to slash rates of HAIs in your clinic or hospital.

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Endoscopy Safety

With dozens of patients infected with CRE using tainted endoscopes, hospitals are spending money to ensure these instruments are safe to use in accordance with FDA guidelines. The device in question is the duoendoscope used in a procedure done hundreds of thousands of times each year. The design of these devices makes them extremely difficult…

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OBP Medical's ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC Awarded New Group Purchasing Contract with Premier

Efficiency, Functionality and Infection Control Benefits of Leading Single-Use Vaginal Specula Now Available to Premier Members OBP Medical, a leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices, and Premier Inc., a leading health care improvement company, which unites an alliance of 3,600 hospitals and 120,000 other providers, today announced a three-year contract that will…

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Is Reprocessing Medical Devices Effective?

Gone are the days when central sterile processing (CSP) was enough to ensure that medical professionals were getting the best possible usage out of a vaginal speculum. With all of the outbreaks that have taken place over the past 20 years — outbreaks which, incidentally, could have been avoided — we’ve come up with this…

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Reprocessing of Reusable Medical Devices

What does it mean to reprocess a medical device? The Federal Food and Drug Administration defines reprocessing as a multi-step process that cleans and disinfects a device. Any medical products used on a patient will become contaminated with microorganisms. Single-use devices are disposed of after just one application. Some tools, however, are designed for multiple…

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