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General Surgery

The Top 7 Benefits of Standardizing Exam Procedures with Medical Kits

The Top 7 Benefits of Standardizing Exam Procedures With Medical Kits

By Kelly Ottaviano / May 18, 2020 /

Many medical experts agree that standardization is key to improved safety and healthcare. However, well-defined processes within and between healthcare organizations continue to be one of healthcare’s biggest problems. The good news is that you can put your medical facility on the fast track to improved patient safety by making the switch to individually packaged,…

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Updates on Medicare penalties for hospital-acquired conditions

By Kelly Ottaviano / January 16, 2018 /

In 2017, several hundred hospitals were hit with the Medicare penalty, despite controversy over the fairness and accuracy of the punishment. 

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Diagnosing anal cancer

By Kelly Ottaviano / April 18, 2017 /

Given that HPV is linked with anal cancer, it is important that health care facilities take the necessary steps to reduce the risk of cross-contamination with HPV in the clinical setting, namely by using single-use medical tools.

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Risk of superbug outbreak increased by reprocessing failure

By Kelly Ottaviano / January 19, 2017 /

Superbugs, much like less aggressive forms of HAIs, according to the Mayo Clinic, can lead to potentially life-threatening illnesses such as skin infections and pneumonia.

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Three diseases that can be spread through cross-contamination

By Kelly Ottaviano / December 15, 2016 /

Patients are routinely put at risk of cross-contamination and are exposed to a number of dangerous infections including HIV, HPV and MRSA as a consequence.

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Strategies for improving patient satisfaction at your clinic

By Kelly Ottaviano / October 20, 2016 /

It is so important to ensure that strategies are implemented to boost patient satisfaction at all times.

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Can your medical practice be green and still use single-use devices?

By Kelly Ottaviano / October 4, 2016 /

Yes, it’s possible to run a green medical practice and use single-use devices.

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Keeping patients safe and saving money: Strategies for medical practice cost reduction

By Kelly Ottaviano / September 15, 2016 /

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse or clinic manager, there are a number of strategies that you can employ to lower expenses while still keeping patients safe.

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Hospital acquired infections: Strategies for prevention

By Kelly Ottaviano / August 15, 2016 /

There are a number of simple yet effective ways to slash rates of HAIs in your clinic or hospital.

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