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Promoting the importance of routine pap smears: Tips for your clinic

By Kelly Ottaviano / March 17, 2017 /

There are a number of strategies that clinics can employ to help inform as many patients as possible about routine pap smears.

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Why an IUD is a good choice for women

By Kelly Ottaviano / December 19, 2016 /

Why are IUDs such a good choice?

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Strategies for improving patient satisfaction at your clinic

By Kelly Ottaviano / October 20, 2016 /

It is so important to ensure that strategies are implemented to boost patient satisfaction at all times.

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Keeping patients safe and saving money: Strategies for medical practice cost reduction

By Kelly Ottaviano / September 15, 2016 /

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse or clinic manager, there are a number of strategies that you can employ to lower expenses while still keeping patients safe.

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5 tips for easing patient anxiety during a pelvic exam

By Kelly Ottaviano / September 12, 2016 /

Whether you’re a health professional new to the field, or a trusted gynecologist who has conducted many pelvic exams and pap smears, it’s always a good time to brush up on tips and techniques for helping to ease patient anxiety.

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