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Operating Room

Updates on Medicare penalties for hospital-acquired conditions

By Kelly Ottaviano / January 16, 2018 /

In 2017, several hundred hospitals were hit with the Medicare penalty, despite controversy over the fairness and accuracy of the punishment. 

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Hepatitis and HIV scare for veterans in Wisconsin due to cross-contamination

By Kelly Ottaviano / December 8, 2016 /

Almost 600 veterans have potentially been exposed to HIV and two strains of Hepatitis – B and C.

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Can your medical practice be green and still use single-use devices?

By Kelly Ottaviano / October 4, 2016 /

Yes, it’s possible to run a green medical practice and use single-use devices.

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Hospital acquired infections: Strategies for prevention

By Kelly Ottaviano / August 15, 2016 /

There are a number of simple yet effective ways to slash rates of HAIs in your clinic or hospital.

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obp Important Update

obp Medical - including all vaginal specula, anoscopes, laryngoscopes, kits and accessories - has been acquired by CooperSurgical as of 5/3/21. All surgical products – included surgical retractors and suction devices – are now available exclusively through obp Surgical Corporation.