The Top Ten Reasons to Equip Your Staff with Vaginal Exam Kits

The Top Ten Reasons to Equip Your Staff with Vaginal Exam Kits

Over 60 million pelvic exams are performed in the United States every year. The majority of these procedures unfold as planned with little disruption to regular scheduling. However, productivity and revenue can be stalled when the devices and supplies needed to perform pelvic exams are missing or in need of maintenance. Fortunately, a growing number of medical practices are discovering the many ways that vaginal exam kits can optimize efficiency across departments within a busy medical practice. Below is a look at the top challenges facing OB/GYN practices and the top ten reasons to introduce vaginal exam kits to your staff.

What are the key challenges facing doctors who perform pelvic exams?

Pelvic exams are considered routine by most providers and patients alike. However, there is more to a successful pelvic exam than meets the eye. Scheduling, along with preparation of required devices and supplies, requires time and resources that are often in short supply at a thriving medical practice. Additionally, medical personnel must ensure that equipment is properly sterilized prior to use. Some of the top challenges facing gynecologists are as follows:

  • A Lack of Time: Most gynecologists see between 50 and 124 patients per week, with many requiring pelvic exams.
  • Cross-Contamination: Infection is always a risk when treating patients, especially when practitioners reuse specula and other devices.
  • Sterilization: Ensuring that reusable equipment and instruments are sterile prior to use can be a costly and cumbersome undertaking.


What are the top reasons to equip your staff with vaginal exam kits?

The benefits of vaginal exam kits are extensive and can significantly increase productivity and efficiency for a busy medical practice. From cost savings to ease of use, providers are transitioning from a piecemeal purchasing approach to all-inclusive sterile kits. The top ten reasons to make the switch to vaginal exam kits are as follows:

1) Save Time

Perhaps the most prominent benefit of vaginal exam kits is the preparation time practitioners save before a procedure. Rather than spending time tracking down a sterile speculum, gauze, gloves, lube, prep pads, and swab accessories, the doctor simply needs to remove a pre-packaged exam kit containing all of these key components from the cabinet and begin the examination.

2) Control Infection 

Sterile vaginal exam kits play an instrumental role in preventing cross-contamination between patients. Each kit features all of the key items required for an exam. Each component is sterile and ready for doctors to use with patients.

3) Save Money

Controlling costs is a top concern for virtually every medical office. Here are a few ways doctors save money by switching to exam kits:

  • Single vendor benefits: By working with a single vendor for all items needed for pelvic exams, buyers often enjoy significant cost savings
  • Lower shipping costs: Vaginal exam kits are all-inclusive and shipped from a single location so buyers only pay one set of shipping costs
  • No equipment maintenance: Single-use exam kits require no repair or maintenance, thereby eliminating costly fees

4) Maximize Convenience

“Single-use medical items, like any disposable product, are convenient. Instead of repairing, cleaning and sterilizing a used device, a health care provider can just open a new one.” 

– Roger Collier, Canadian Medical Association Journal

Convenience is one of the reasons why single-use kits and devices are growing in popularity among busy medical professionals. Vaginal exam kits are easy to purchase, store, open, and use. Additionally, providers never have to worry about maintenance or cleaning – they simply open a new kit.

5) Reduce Sterilization Concerns  

Sterilizers are not immune to costly maintenance issues and unsatisfactory results. User error, product age, and poor performance can lead to improper sterilization and, ultimately, a heightened risk of infection. Additional problems associated with sterilizers include the following:

  • Sterilizers can break down, which can result in scheduling delays when providers do not have access to sterile instruments and supplies
  • Instrument corrosion can result if sterilizers are not used as directed
  • Spotting, staining, and residue can develop when sterilizers are used repeatedly on instruments


The single-use nature of vaginal exam kits eliminates sterilization concerns. All items contained in each kit are sterile and the kits are designed not to be reused, helping to eliminate cross-contamination that can sometimes occur with improperly sterilized instruments.

6) Simplify Reordering

Purchasing agents appreciate the simplicity of vaginal exam kits. Unlike traditional pelvic exam equipment and supplies, the components in a vaginal exam kit are not ordered separately. Each kit arrives complete and purchasers only have to work with a single vendor as opposed to different vendors for the speculum, gloves, gauze, jelly, labels, and other items.

7) Minimize Errors

“An instrument is missing. The patient is prepped and ready…The OR calls CS and says it is responsible for the incomplete set. Meanwhile the missing instrument creates delay and scheduling problems…”

– Marcia Frieze, Infection Control Today

Contending with missing or misplaced instruments and supplies can ultimately lead to delays and scheduling challenges. Because components of vaginal exam kits are not reused, there is little chance that staff will misplace them or lose them.

8) Maintenance-Free

Using a pre-packaged, sterile kit eliminates equipment maintenance and upkeep. Doctors and support staff can finally put an end to frequent searches for chargers, replacement components, and boxes of gauze or gloves. Additionally, there is no need to clean, repair, or store a reusable light source or speculum because they are only used once.

9) Flexibility

Vaginal exam kits are easy to use in any environment. They require no external power source and are compact enough to easily be packed in a travel bag to transport from one location to another. Shipping is also easy, as exam kits can be ordered in bulk as needed.

10) Cutting-edge Technology

Today’s top-of-the-line vaginal exam kits feature a speculum with an integrated LED light source. Rather than contending with a bulky, traditional light source and connector cable, doctors can enjoy the benefits of a lightweight, portable speculum that is sterile and ready to provide dependable illumination of the vagina and cervix.

The Bottom Line

Gathering the components required for a pelvic exam requires time and resources that busy medical offices frequently lack. obp’s single-use Vaginal Exam Kits eliminate the need to assemble or sterilize the instruments needed for pelvic exams, thereby enabling practitioners to save time, see more patients, and enjoy a healthier bottom line. We invite you to contact us at obp to learn more about the many benefits of our Vaginal Exam Kits. We look forward to helping you optimize efficiency at your medical practice.

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