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ER-SPEC Awarded Contract with Novation GPO

ER-SPEC Awarded Contract with Novation GPO


What happens when the leading developer of single-use medical devices teams up with the leading health care services company? A historic partnership is formed that will provide single-use vaginal speculum with built-in light sources to health care providers throughout the country.

Since 1998, Novation has accumulated more than 100,000 members and is still growing strong. They offer their network some of the most progressive products available in the industry, and now that includes ER-SPEC made exclusively by OPB Medical. Jeff Swift, CEO of OBP Medical, explains the new contract with Novation will expand the reach of this cutting-edge single-use device, making the technology available to more patients.

Novation, a recipient of the Ethisphere Institute’s Ethics Inside Certification, is committed to providing only products of the highest quality, and that includes ER-SPEC. This single-use vaginal speculum offers:

  • A built-in single-use battery-operated LED light source that can produce peak light for 30+ minutes
  • LED light source generates absolutely NO heat
  • Single-use device is completely hygienic, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination from poorly cleaned reusable components
  • No assembly is required and no additional parts (replacement bulbs, light sources, chargers, etc.) are needed
  • Comfortable ergonomic design for improved balance and easy maneuverability during exams.
  • Locking hinges for added strength and stability
  • Will not pinch for greater patient comfort
  • Now available sterile and non-sterile
  • The ER-SPEC is available in Small, Medium, and Large size


ER-SPEC is a totally self-contained single patient use unit. No external light source is needed for operation. The LED provides ultra-bright illumination that lasts for 30 minutes or more. After each use, the practitioner simply disposes of the device. The next patient gets a new specula, eliminating any risk of cross contamination from poorly cleaned reusable light sources or other reusable components.

The partnership between Novation and OBP Medical means clinicians no longer have to worry about breaking down and disinfecting their vaginal speculum, exposing patients to chemicals used in the cleaning process or paying for expensive third party light sources. One unit that does it all without risk of contamination – that is what Novation is able to offer their network thanks to ER-SPEC.

Novation contact # MS3250 active as of 12/1/2014.


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