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Healthcare-Associated Infections: The Small Price Of Prevention

Healthcare-Associated Infections: The Small Price Of Prevention

A trip to the doctor’s office, urgent care facility or a hospital stay involves decisions on the part of the patient and healthcare provider. Drugs and dosages, length of treatment and stay, patient advocate involvement, invasive surgical procedures and post-operative and long-term recovery.

Fighting healthcare-acquired infection isn’t on the list of considerations. But illness resulting from medical facility contact is both prevalent and deadly. The Centers for Disease Control tracks HAI, or Healthcare-Associated Infections, and reported 722,000 cases in U.S. acute-care hospitals in 2011, with about 75,000 patients dying as a result of their HAI. More than half of all the HAI events occurred outside of intensive care units. The CDC acknowledges continuing progress in reducing the number of bloodstream, surgical site, and catheter-associated urinary tract infections, but points out the need for more work, including improved equipment maintenance, proper training, and emphasis on infection prevention.

How obp Products Help Achieve the Goal of Reduced HAI

Single-Use Products Could Stop the Spread of Disease

The disposable aspect of obp products is the best reason to order. Stopping the spread of HAI works best when disease prevention begins at the source. It’s about protecting the patients and the practitioners. Proper disease prevention practices save between $25 and $30 billion annually in drug treatments, hospital stays, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Healthy doctors and nurses with fewer sick days mean facilities are fully staffed to treat patients. And healthy patients don’t return home and infect others, particularly vulnerable family members in their care, including small children, the elderly, and individuals with compromised immune systems.

Less Clutter in the Operating Room

Our single-use products eliminate medical clutter and the possibility of accidental device reuse. Disposal following a single application also saves money and time spent on removing, cleaning, sanitizing, itemizing equipment, and redistributing devices to the proper locations. Single-use, disposal devices decrease the opportunity for injury to medical personnel due to accidental incisions and infections from used devices. Conventional devices dropped on a contaminated surface result in time wasted removing broken pieces. Resilient obp products resist breakage and removal simply means disposal.

Preventing Infection Also Increases Efficiency and Safety

The daily routine of filling small drawers and containers with exam components ends with obp products in your exam rooms. Infections don’t travel with staff or equipment from one space to another. Curious children don’t pick up used devices accidentally left behind on exam beds or tables, and the next patient occupying the room doesn’t pick up an infection from any device left from the last patient’s exam. Patient care moves swiftly and efficiently, saving time without sacrificing quality time between the client and medical caregiver.

Lighting the Way

Our battery-powered products remove the need for conventional, rechargeable and plug-in lighting options. The batteries in our products are non-toxic and literally expand their visibility in a variety of healthcare situations. An additional light source is unnecessary with our products. The integrated LED light capability provides accurate, mobile, and dependable sighting for patient care under any circumstances. These could include low-lit intensive care units, periods of power interruptions, and during surgical procedures when other light sources may fail or personnel is needed for tasks other than directing lighting equipment. Locating electrical outlets and finding and cleaning cords and wires is not a concern with our products. Surgeons no longer needed bothersome head-mounted lights during procedures.

A Product for Every Need

Our scopes, seals, exam kits, and fluid management packs work with every medical situation. Doctors prefer obp’s ergonomically-designed devices for their lightweight and sturdy feel. Patients are comfortable knowing every device used is sterile and supplied just for them. Our devices’ plastic material is smooth, ensuring comfortable patient contact and insertions, a particular concern for children, elderly individuals, and patients with chronic painful physical conditions. Longer exams and surgeries using our products produce less hand and arm fatigue than conventional devices.

smiling doctor measuring heart-rate of happy baby

Our Packaging Prevents Mistakes

Working under duress in the emergency room or an outdoor triage area during disaster situations requires dependable and identifiable products. Our packaging provides a quick and simple read. This ensures no mistakes made when you reach for exactly what you need, while the packaging material resists liquid intrusion and damage. Accidental contact with contaminated hands means our packaged product remains sterile. On the other hand, conventional metal devices would require constant monitoring and immediate removal and cleaning for even the slightest contact.

Single-Use Products Remove Reprocessing Risk

Many medical facilities consider reprocessing devices a cost-saving option. Any savings gained in collecting, decontaminating, sterilizing, repackaging, and redistributing the devices is neutralized if procedures are done improperly or if individuals involved are themselves contaminated. Patients impacted by infections transmitted through unsanitary devices may develop diseases resistant to even aggressive medical intervention and may fail to show symptoms immediately, leading to a delay in diagnosis. obp’s single-use devices eliminate the time, technology, and funds needed for reprocessing protocol.

Every Package is Self-Contained

It’s unnecessary to stop a procedure and look for tubes, clamps, tips, or additional devices; obp products arrive with all the correct components for an exam. Personnel no longer refill drawers and containers with small materials easily lost or stolen. Your purchasing agent now concentrates on the bigger ordering picture instead of dozens of small parts, which may all be available when needed or may require back ordering and a lengthy wait time. Personnel no longer waste time in travel from one exam room or operating theater to another, attempting to “borrow” necessary parts.

Our Products Pack for Travel

If your team is called to assist anywhere, whether it’s another operating room, a major highway accident scene or a triage tent halfway around the world, obp products are sturdy, lightweight, portable, easily packed in small travel bags, and ready to use with or without a regular electrical source. obp products and your talent are an opportunity to bring healing beyond the hospital walls. And if your team travels overseas on a medical mission, obp offers worldwide distribution; ordering replacement products in a foreign country is easy.

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