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Out of Darkness, Integrated Light: Reducing Errors During Anoscopy Procedures

Out of Darkness, Integrated Light: Reducing Errors During Anoscopy Procedures

One of the fastest ways for doctors to determine the presence of anal and rectal disorders ranging from hemorrhoids and inflammation to polyps, foreign objects, tumors, and infection, is the anoscopy. This relatively simple examination saves time, money, and mistakes in just a few minutes of observation. Anoscopy can determine whether the patient has a disorder treatable with homeopathic care, a prescription or is in need of surgical intervention. Anal and rectal issues affect many people at some point in their lives: more than half of all Americans experience hemorrhoids after age 50 and anal fissures occur in eight percent of men and 24% of women; 140,000 people are diagnosed with colon cancer every year with 50,000 deaths as a result. The anoscope is a valued diagnostic tool and must meet not only doctors’ and patients’ expectations for use, but all requirements for the highest manufacturing and safety standards. And a particular advantage for obp’s ANOSPEC lies in its integrated light source.

See Clearly Now: Nine Reasons Integrated Light is obp’s Standard


Integrated light means the exam is a job for one, not two

In a clinic with limited medical staffing, every person counts. The use of standard lighting removes one person from exam room duties and places them in a position to hold a light source for the doctor. Our integrated light source turns the anoscope into a two-in-one tool, providing more staff to work with a greater patient load, as well as privacy for the patient and the doctor performing the anoscopy.

Guaranteed source of consistent light

Blackouts, brownouts, surges, and interruption of the power supply won’t change the operation of our ANOSPEC, or any of our LED-integrated devices. Our integrated light source continues to work under any condition, whether in a military field hospital, village clinics, storm shelters, or the busiest city emergency room, guaranteeing a complete anoscopy and full diagnosis.

Light source independent of physical limitations

Rural clinics and overcrowded operating theaters often lack sufficient electrical outlets, or the few in existence are already in use for other devices. Our integrated device allows for fast examinations and results without waiting for the availability of an electric source, or the need to prioritize limited electric resources.

Light when and where you need it

Large ceiling or wall-mounted surgical lights are not flexible when it comes to pinpoint accuracy on smaller or less visible body parts. Floor stand surgical lights interfere with both patient and staff movement, and all are easily damaged when struck by a chair, table, or individual. Standard surgical lighting is heavy and not easily maneuvered. obp’s LED-integrated instruments place precise, bright light only where it’s needed, without wasting power resources or carting cumbersome lighting fixtures around the exam room.

Light that’s right and ready every time

Standard surgical lighting, like all instruments in the exam room, must be constantly inspected for damage and disrepair. Repairing or replacing surgical lighting is a capital expense for most medical facilities. LED-integrated instruments from obp save money over the regular refurbishment and replacement of light bulbs, batteries, cords, wiring, gears, control panels, and motors. They also reduce the time necessary for staff to obtain part inventory numbers, check inventory supplies, place orders, and return incorrect or broken parts. Our instruments come in single-use packaging, ready for every exam any time they’re needed.

No special tools or solutions needed for cleaning

In addition to inspecting surgical lighting, staff must also follow cleaning and sanitizing protocols to prevent cross-contamination opportunities. Urinary tract infections, respiratory illnesses, surgical site infections, and gastrointestinal and skin diseases are the most commonly transmitted HAIs, or Hospital Acquired Infections. These conditions pass from person to person through inconsistent hygiene and multi-use, poorly sanitized equipment. obp’s single-use instruments eliminate the need for sanitizing, and ensure patient health when disposed of after their one and only use. Patients protected from HAIs leave the hospital sooner while needing less follow-up care and fewer antibiotics later.

All light, without the heat

Our instrument’s LED lighting system generates optimal light necessary for exams, with no additional components needed. The light generates no heat, even when usage is complete and the light remains on. This adds to the comfort and confidence of patients undergoing anoscopy procedures, maintaining a calm and relaxed patient, and providing the doctor with a clear view of any anomalies while discussing medical history and symptoms with the patient.

More than light; it’s lightweight

Our products pack in any container, case, or bag for easy transportation to your next clinic or hospital. Packing both standard scopes and surgical lighting requires hours of wrapping and securing the equipment, paying shipping costs, hoping everything arrives at the next destination, and reassembling the parts. obp devices are safe for airline travel, so medical personnel serving overseas can swiftly help patients in any setting; reducing pain, prescribing treatments, and saving lives.

Safe for the patient and the environment

The LED lights in obp devices meet all U.S. and EU safety standards. They are nontoxic and disposal does not harm the environment. The lighting components are designed as part of the scope, rather than added on, so no portion of the light component is removable or accidentally loosens during the exam.  Anoscopy patients have one less concern during their exam when they know the product used will help, not hurt them or place them at risk for other injury or illness.


obp is proud to provide single-use medical devices to 10,000 U.S. hospitals and medical offices, and to clinics and medical personnel worldwide. We are ISO 13458 certified, an international standard of quality management that governs our entire manufacturing process, from design and production through servicing of our devices. We chose to gain certification because we believe it represents our ten-plus years of commitment to creating the best single-use medical devices. Integrating a direct illumination within the device showcases our awareness of the waste, expense, and suffering resulting from medical errors and cross-contamination, and our desire to prevent these problems. Our products are available through direct order or your GPO contract. Contact us for more information, a free sample, and to find out how we’re changing the delivery of healthcare.

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