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Novasure by Hologic

Novasure by Hologic


Approximately 10 million women in the United States suffer from excessive menstrual bleeding. It is a concern that affects their quality of life and one of the most common gynecological complaints. Through endometrial ablation, these same women get relief in just minutes. The NovaSure procedure by Hologic is a hysteroscopic procedure that requires less maneuvering than other systems – improving patient outcomes.

A Little about Menorrhagia

Menorrhagia describes menstrual periods that are abnormally heavy or prolonged. When bleeding is so severe that it affects normal activities, there is cause for concern. Hologic is a leading developer of premium diagnostics tools, medical imaging devices and other healthcare products for women. They have created a distinctive system geared to ease the suffering brought on by menorrhagia, and make the endometrial ablation procedure safer and more effective.

The NovaSure Procedure

The NovaSure procedure for endometrial ablation offers physicians a minimally invasive way to treat menorrhagia. Unlike less sophisticated devices, the NovaSure system requires no pre-treatment. Without the usual hormonal prepping, women do not suffer common side effects or treatment delays.

The NovaSure procedure is customized for each patient, reducing prep and recovery time. The procedure is done on an outpatient basis or right in the doctor’s office at some point during the cycle – making it more flexible for both the practitioner and patient.

NovaSure takes the process of endometrial ablation to the next level. As with most other procedures, a hysteroscope is inserted into the uterus through the vaginal opening. The system uses a 90-second, precision controlled burst of radio-frequency energy to remove the lining of the uterus cleanly and quickly. Radio frequency is a more automated method for this hysteroscopic procedure. The energy emitted from the NovaSure system vaporizes the tissue in about 90 seconds. The average completion time from start to finish is around five minutes.

When to Consider using the NovaSure System

  • Unusually heavy period during most cycles
  • Heavy bleeding that soaks through a pad or tampon every hour for days
  • Anemia due to excess menstrual bleeding

When Not to Use the NovaSure System

The risks are minimal, but in some cases, endometrial ablation is not the right choice.

  • Women who want to become pregnant
  • When significant cramping accompanies the heavy bleeding
  • If there is evidence of cancer in the uterus
  • Women who were recently pregnant
  • Postmenopausal women

After completion of the NovaSure procedure, patients can expect:

  • Some minor cramping
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Frequent urination

The NovaSure procedure provides a safe and effective alternative to hysterectomy and oral contraceptive therapy. It takes just minutes and is available for office use. Radio frequency treatment is less invasive than other forms of endometrial ablation such as electrosurgery and less painful than free-flowing hot fluid extraction or cryoablation.

When considering the best approach to treat menorrhagia, look to the company that has been focusing on women’s health for almost three decades.

Click here for more information on the NovaSure procedure.

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