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OBP Medical Launches ONETRAC All-in-One Surgical Retractors

OBP Medical Launches ONETRAC All-in-One Surgical Retractors

CLEAR-TRAC Single-Use Cordless Retractor with Built-In LED Light Source


OBP Medical is excited to announce the launch of our ONETRAC family of fully disposable surgical retractors. The line is the first on the market to offer a built-in, single-use LED light source. The result is a cost-effective, all-in-one and entirely disposable device that delivers enhanced functionality and ease of use for physicians and surgeons during procedures that require illumination.

Visualization, retraction and hemostasis during surgical procedures are critical to reducing complications and infections. Historically, retractors were made from reusable stainless steel and required large up-front capital expenditure, ongoing expenses for multiple costly components, complicated set up and reprocessing, as well as external light sources to illuminate the procedure field. Newer, partially disposable options eliminate the need for reprocessing, but still require expensive fiber optic illumination systems, as well as additional reusable parts and components.

“ONETRAC demonstrates our continued commitment to taking medical devices used day in and day out in hospitals and physician offices and optimizing them to enhance efficiency, clinical utility and the patient experience,” said Dr. Douglas McConnell, FACS, medical director at OBP Medical and former director of Cardiac Surgery at Shasta Regional Medical Center. “With ONETRAC, we’ve simplified surgical retractors, eliminating the need for multiple parts or assembly and enabling physicians to achieve illumination in the depths of a surgical tissue pocket or cavity within seconds. Even more, we’re able to deliver this clinical innovation at a price point that delivers immediate value to customers.”

Unlike existing options, ONETRAC devices are designed to be entirely single-use. ONETRAC products are packaged sterile and ready for use with everything needed to successfully retract tissue and illuminate a surgical pocket or cavity. With ONETRAC, no assembly or additional parts are required, and everything, including the light, is thrown away after a single procedure. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination from poorly cleaned reusable components.

Additional features include:

  • ONETRAC are made from a revolutionary fiber-reinforced polyaryamide material that provides exceptional strength and rigidity
  • ONETRAC has an angled tip with blunt teeth for improved tissue grip
  • All ONETRAC devices offer a comfortable ergonomic design that improves balance and maneuverability, boast a built-in, ultra-bright single-use LED light source that generates no heat, and are available for a fraction of the cost of other illuminated retractor systems


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