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OBP Medical’s ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC Awarded New Group Purchasing Contract with Premier

OBP Medical’s ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC Awarded New Group Purchasing Contract with Premier

Efficiency, Functionality and Infection Control Benefits of Leading Single-Use Vaginal Specula Now Available to Premier Members.

LAWRENCE, Mass., July 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — OBP Medical, a leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices, and Premier Inc., a leading health care improvement company, which unites an alliance of 3,600 hospitals and 120,000 other providers, today announced a three-year contract that will make OBP’s portfolio of disposable vaginal specula with built-in LED light source, including the OfficeSPEC and ER-SPEC brands, available at specially negotiated pricing and terms to Premier alliance members.

OBP Medical’s OfficeSPEC and ER-SPEC are completely self-contained and entirely single-use, each device comes out of the package ready for use and is thrown away after a single exam. The device boasts an integrated, hands-free, single-use LED light source—amongst the brightest in the industry—that makes rechargeable and plug-in light sources obsolete. These features eliminate the time and expense of reprocessing, as well as time spent looking for light sources and assembling components prior to an examination or procedure, all while reducing the risk of cross-contamination inherent with reusable devices and external light sources. With OBP Medical’s disposable vaginal specula, health care organizations experience faster patient throughput, improved efficiency, and enhanced patient safety and satisfaction.

Under the terms of the contract, effective July 1, 2016, OBP Medical’s ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC will be made available as a cost-effective, high-value disposable vaginal speculum option to Premier’s members, including leading health systems, regional medical centers and small community hospitals.

“Our contract with Premier provides further validation for our line of disposable vaginal specula and underscores the industry’s continued demand for our technology,” said Jason Swift, CEO of OBP Medical. “ER-SPEC and OfficeSPEC are now accessible through all the leading GPOs in the U.S., providing significant benefit to the hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers, hospitals and health systems that collectively they serve. We are excited about the value that our technology delivers and the momentum that we continue to experience.”

OfficeSPEC and ER-SPEC are available for purchase at For more information, please contact OBP Medical at (978) 291-6853. OBP Medical is proud to be ISO13485 certified.

About OBP Medical

OBP Medical is a leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices. Our single-use lights are among the brightest on the market, allowing for optimal visualization during procedures. Our innovative products are used in physician offices, surgery centers and more than 3,500 hospitals throughout the U.S., as well as healthcare facilities worldwide. For more information about OBP Medical and its innovation line of self-illuminated medical devices, please visit, check out our Simple.Bright.Ideas.BLOG or follow us on Twitter.

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