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ONETRAC LXD and ONETRAC LXS Join obp’s Family of Single-Use Illuminating Surgical Devices

ONETRAC LXD and ONETRAC LXS Join obp’s Family of Single-Use Illuminating Surgical Devices

LAWRENCE, Mass. —(BUSINESS WIRE)obp, the leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices, today announced the launch of ONETRAC LXD, a single-use, cordless dual-blade surgical retractor with integrated multi-LED light source and dual smoke evacuation channels and ONETRAC LXS, a single-use suction device with integrated, cordless radial LED light source.

ONETRAC LXD’s innovative patent-pending dual-blade LED circuitry enables instantaneous transition between LEDs on either blade with the press of a button.

With its patent-pending dual smoke evacuation channels, which allow for seamless mid-procedure transition from one blade to another while maintaining continuous smoke evacuation, ONETRAC LXD helps combat the unnecessary risk of exposing patients and healthcare workers to surgical smoke. This next-generation ONETRAC device was created for surgeons in need of illumination strength, coverage, and duration.

ONETRAC LXS was designed for surgeons performing demanding procedures requiring targeted illumination and rapid aspiration in one fully integrated cordless device.

ONETRAC LXS’ patent-pending LED driven lens and reflector technology enables an ultra-bright spotlight housed in a low-profile package. This innovative design offers surgeons radial light coverage which allows for full visibility of a natural cavity or surgical pocket. The risks of cross-contamination from reusable devices and light sources, and an overwhelming industry need to increase efficiencies, has created the ideal marketplace for this all-in-one device.

“The demand for cordless, single-use self-illuminating medical devices has seen incredible growth in recent years across a multitude of surgical specialties,” said Jason Swift, CEO of obp. “The release of ONETRAC LXD and ONETRAC LXS demonstrates our commitment to meeting this demand by extending our ONETRAC LX cordless illumination technology platform to a much wider audience.”

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that 500,000 healthcare workers are exposed to surgical smoke each year. Not only can surgical smoke obstruct a surgeon’s view of the surgical site, but it has been shown to contain dangerous contaminants that impact both the patients and healthcare practitioners – including toxic gases, viruses, bacteria, as well as many other potentially hazardous materials.

For more information about ONETRAC LXD and ONETRAC LXS, please visit or contact obp at (978) 291-6853.


About obp

obp is the leading global developer of single-use, self-contained, illuminating medical devices. We integrate light with device — making them one — creating effective and simplified single-use solutions. Our innovative products are used in more than 13,000 physician offices, clinics, surgery centers, and hospitals throughout the United States and worldwide. For more information about obp and our line of self-illuminating medical devices, please visit, check out our Simple, Bright Ideas Blog, or find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. obp is proud to be ISO13485 certified.



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