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Plastic Surgery Increases in Popularity

Plastic Surgery Increases in Popularity

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Since its introduction into the market in the 1960s, the trend towards cosmetic breast enhancement has been slowly building. Today, around 300,000 women go under the knife to get the breasts they want. Another 100,000 opt for reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy. The ability to have that much control over your body is empowering for women, which may explain why this cosmetic procedure continues to grow in popularity.

International Growth

Overseas in regions like Dubai, this one surgical technique has become a million dollar industry. The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery states that there has been a 15 percent overall increase in cosmetic surgeries performed in Middle East countries. Breast augmentation is one of the most requested procedures. reports that the market is growing in other countries, as well. Ireland, for example, is showing a phenomenal increase in the rate of cosmetic surgeries including breast implants.

The Public’s Perception of Breast Augmentation Surgery

The public’s perception of breast implants and surgery is fueling this trend. Celebrities top the list of breast augmentation patients, increasing the awareness and desire for this procedure.

The combination of improved techniques and better implants has inspired woman of all ages to enhance their self-image with a breast augmentation.

Plastic surgery is often associated with poor self-esteem or other mental health problems, but the truth is the reasons for seeking augmentation vary. Some women want to look younger and a fuller breast in part of an overall style makeover. Others are correcting a physical problem such as uneven breasts or hips that are too large for the current bust line.

The safety update by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration regarding silicone gel-filled implants may be another reason for the escalating trend. The implants of today are safer than those from two or three decades ago.

Risks of Breast Implantation

There still remain some known risks with this type of surgery. The design of modern implants is supposed to allow them to last a lifetime, but that is not always the reality. Many implants need replacing at some point. Studies show that about half of augmentation patients experience at least one complication.

  • Pain
  • Hardening
  • Numbness
  • Bacteria growth
  • Capsular contracture
  • Rupture

Infection control is a major concern with an augmentation surgery. The shift toward single-use breast retractors is one way to lower this risk. Reusable devices require reprocessing between patients that can lead to cross-contamination. The switch to a single-use device eliminates the need for between patient cleaning and sterilization.

The growing trend of breast augmentations is good news for the cosmetic surgery industry. Improved techniques and equipment allow clinicians to capitalize on it without taking unnecessary risks. Better tools mean better patient outcomes and breast reconstructions that last.

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