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Ensuring patient safety is the responsibility of any healthcare organization and/or provider. Reusable anoscopes and light sources can be costly, require maintenance, and increase risk of cross-contamination when not cleaned properly after each use. Rather than relying on your staff to precisely follow maintenance and reprocessing procedures to reduce cross-contamination risks, these risks are effectively eliminated with an entirely single-use product.  Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary risk of cross-contamination by switching to an entirely single-use disposable anoscope with integrated LED light source.


OBP Medical’s ANOSPEC is the medical industry’s premier single-use disposable anoscope with integrated LED light source.  This ready-to-use anoscope eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing, reducing the risk of cross-contamination by making rechargeable and plug-in light sources obsolete.  ANOSPEC is ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic anoscopy procedures.


ANOSPEC’s LED light source is powered by low-voltage alkaline button batteries.  Click here to learn more about our batteries.

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  • ANOSPEC disposable anoscopes come ready for use, no assembly required and no additional parts required
  • Each ANOSPEC disposable anoscope comes complete with its own obturator and integrated high powered, battery-operated LED light source
  • The ANOSPEC disposable anoscope LED light source generates no damaging heat and can produce peak light for 30+ minutes
  • ANOSPEC disposable anoscope offers a comfortable ergonomic design improves balance and easy maneuverability during exams
  • The ANOSPEC disposable anoscope's clear material allows for 360 degree visibility


  • Vizient contract # MS3250
  • ROi contract # RMS02360
  • FirstChoice contract # FC2370
  • Intalere contract # VH11348 (effective 4/1/18)



As an ANOSPEC customer we want to make sure our product line is meeting all of your needs. We would greatly appreciate just a minute of your time to complete a short online product survey to help us better understand your utilization and needs as an ANOSPEC customer. Click here to take our survey.



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