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Endoscopic Seal Gynecology and Endoscopic Seal Urology

OBP Medical’s Endoscopic Seal is used to prevent fluid leakage and/or air aspiration through the working channel of a hysteroscope, cystoscope, or ureteroscope during introduction and use of an instrument.  All OBP Medical Endoscopic Seals feature a funnel guided top for easy insertion of instruments, self sealing technology for leak-free use with multiple instruments, and a luer-lock adapter compatible with any female luer-lock fitting.  OBP Medical’s Endoscopic Seal is currently available for Gynecology and Urology.  Remove luer-lock adapter for compatibility with bulb type endoscopic fittings.

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  • Accepts instruments and catheters 3 to 10 French
  • Funnel guided top for easy insertion of instrument
  • Double seal technology for maximum leak control
  • Self sealing for leak-free use with multiple instruments
  • Compatible with any bulb type endoscopic fitting
  • Luer-lock adapter for use with any female luer-lock fitting
  • Disposable, single-use device
  • Available for Urology and Gynecology
  • Individually packed sterile