Fluid Management Pack

Fluid Management System for Office Hysteroscopy

Fluid Management Pack by OBP Medical

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Fluid Management Pack by OBP Medical

OBP Medical’s Fluid Management Pack for hysteroscopy offers physicians a cost-effective and convenient way of managing fluids during hysteroscopic procedures.  This all-in-one pack includes: 1 outflow bag drainage collection bag with tubing and luer-lock adapter, 1 under buttocks drape with graded collection pouch, and 1 in-flow tubing cysto irrigation set with luer-lock fitted tubing.  All features exclusive to OBP Medical’s Fluid Management Pack; a must have pack for in-office hysteroscopy. 



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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 7 in
Size & Quantity

C050100 Fluid Management Pack – 5 / Box

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  • Cost-effective and convenient all-in-one pack
  • Under buttocks drape features built-in collection pouch with graded markings for easy fluid readings
  • Tubing features luer-lock adapter compatible with any female luer-lock fitting
  • Individually packed sterile
  • Medassets contract #MS02268



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