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HER-SPEC Single-Use Click-Free Lighted Vaginal Speculum

HER-SPEC Single-Use Click-Free Lighted Vaginal Speculum

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HER-SPEC is a single-use, CLICK-FREE vaginal speculum with integrated LED light source. Developed by obp using a decade of user feedback and experience, HER-SPEC improves the patient experience by eliminating the clicking sound and discomfort associated with the ratchet mechanism in disposable vaginal specula.

Give your patients the best experience.  Consider the following Harris Poll* survey results:

  • 85% of women would prefer a single-use speculum
  • 82% would ask their provider to switch if a more comfortable speculum was available
  • 75% would prefer a speculum with its own light source
  • 62% would find pelvic exams more comfortable if the speculum were silent


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Never reprocess, charge, plug-in, or replace a reusable light source again. HER-SPEC is ideal for routine pelvic exams or any procedure requiring access and illumination of the vaginal cavity.

Each HER-SPEC unit comes ready for use; no additional parts, components, or assembly required. HER-SPEC effectively eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing, reducing the risk of cross-contamination by making rechargeable and plug-in light sources obsolete.

HER-SPEC’s LED light source is powered by low-voltage alkaline button batteries. Click here to learn more about our batteries.


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*Data survey conducted online in the U.S. by The Harris Poll from Feb 6-8, 2019.



  • Vizient contract # MS9241
  • HealthTrust contract # HPG-5741
  • Premier contract # PP-NS-1248


  • Disposable, single-use device reduces risk of cross-contamination
  • Each HER-SPEC comes ready for use with an integrated ultra-bright cordless LED light source
  • Single-use, battery-operated LED light source can produce peak light for 30+ minutes
  • Click-free engagement improves patient experience by eliminating the clicking sound and discomfort associated with common disposable vaginal specula ratchet mechanism
  • Smooth locking feature allows clinicians to set blades to desired open position by pushing center tab to automatically lock blades in place
  • Easily release blades by pushing tabs located to the right or left of center tab
  • Ergonomically designed handle with diamond grip for added comfort and maneuverability during exams
  • 105-degree angled handle creates extra space between clinician’s hand and patients’ body and/or exam table
  • Battery removal feature allows users the option to easily eject batteries without contact after use
  • No assembly required and no additional parts needed