IUD Insertion Kit

Sterile IUD Insertion Kit Includes Medium Side-Opening Vaginal Speculum


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Reusable vaginal speculum and light sources can be costly, require maintenance, and increase risk of cross-contamination when not cleaned properly after each use.  Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary risk of cross-contamination by switching to OBP Medical’s IUD Insertion Kit which contains an entirely single-use disposable vaginal speculum with built-in light source.  Consider the following OBP Medical survey results:

  • Over 80% of OB/GYN’s polled are concerned with the cleanliness of their vaginal speculum’s reusable light source

  • Over 65% of OB/GYN’s polled  are concerned with the risk of cross-contamination from reusable vaginal speculum

  • Over 65% of OB/GYN’s polled  of who currently use disposable vaginal speculum see convenience as a top benefit over the hassle of reprocessing stainless steel vaginal speculum

Assembling the needed components for an IUD insertion procedure can be time consuming and costly.  OBP Medical’s single-use IUD Insertion Kit eliminates the time and expense of assembling, reprocessing, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the medical setting.  IUD Insertion Kit comes packed sterile, ready for use. Each kit includes a medium single-use side-opening vaginal speculum with a built-in LED light source; never search for, replace, charge, or clean a reusable light source again.  See features below for kit contents.




Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 16 x 10 in
Size & Quantity

C070110 IUD Insertion Kit – 10 / Box


  • OfficeSPEC Single-Use Side-Opening Vaginal Speculum w/ Built-In Light Source (Medium): 1
  • Schroerder Tenaculum (Steel): 1
  • Rochester-Penn Forceps 8" STR (Steel): 1
  • Scissors (Steel): 1
  • Vinyl Exam Gloves (Large): 1
  • Povidone-Iodine Solution 0.75 oz: 1
  • Swabstick Procto: 4
  • Integra Miltex Single-Use Uterine Sound 9.75": 1
  • 11"x9" Rectangular Tray: 1
  • 28"x28" White Wrap: 1



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