ONETRAC Single-Use Cordless Surgical Retractor

Single-Use Cordless Surgical Retractor with Built-In LED Light Source


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OBP Medical’s ONETRAC is a single-use cordless surgical retractor with built-in LED light source and smoke evacuation channel.  This ready-to-use device eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing and reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the surgical setting by obsoleting reusable devices and fiber-optic light cables.  Illumination in the depths of a surgical tissue pocket or cavity can now be met within seconds; no assembly, additional parts/components, or fiber-optic cables required.  ONETRAC is ideal for breast and reconstructive procedures as well as other surgical procedures requiring access, illumination, and retraction of soft tissue.

Reusable and semi-disposable (reusable with one or more disposable part or component) surgical retractors and light sources can be costly, require maintenance, and increase risk of cross-contamination when not cleaned properly after each use. Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary risk of cross-contamination by switching to an entirely single-use surgical retractor with built-in light source and smoke evacuation channel.  Consider the following OBP Medical survey results:


  • 75% of plastic surgeons polled are concerned with the ongoing expense of reusable and semi-disposable surgical retractors


The ONETRAC  light source is powered by low-voltage alkaline button batteries.   Click here to learn more about our batteries.


“ONETRAC worked better than our usual autoclaved fiber-optic retractor for inframammary approach to (partial submuscular) breast implant placement.  It’s light weight, sturdy, easy to manipulate, has a very bright LED light to adequately illuminate the pocket, smoke evacuation/suction tube attachment is great design if needed (we did not need to attach suction to evacuate electrocautery smoke).  Plus there is no need to worry about the clumsiness of attached fiberoptic cables or be concerned with the sterility of autoclaved reusable lit retractors.   I recommend using ONETRAC retractors emphatically to plastic surgeons who do breast enhancement. It has become my “go to” retractor for breast implant placement.”Steven Yarinsky, MD, FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, ASAPS Member Physician




ONETRAC Disposable Cordless Surgical Retractor 90mm x 22mm


ONETRAC Surgical Retractor 90 x 22



ONETRAC Disposable Cordless Surgical Retractor 40mm x 20mm


ONETRAC 40 x 20 Single-Use Cordless Surgical Retractor

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  • Disposable, single-use surgical retractor eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  • Each ONETRAC comes ready for use with its own built-in, ultra-bright, single-use LED light source
  • On/Off switch to preserve illumination strength
  • Smoke evacuation channel for electrocautery
  • No assembly, additional parts/components, or fiber-optic light cables required
  • Revolutionary reinforced nylon material provides exceptional strength and rigidity
  • Angled tip with blunt teeth for improved tissue grip
  • Individually packed sterile



As a ONETRAC customer we want to make sure our product line is meeting all of your needs.  We would greatly appreciate just a minute of your time to complete a short online product survey to help us better understand your utilization and needs as a ONETRAC customer.  Click here to take our survey.



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