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Ensuring patient safety is the responsibility of any healthcare organization and/or provider. Reusable laryngoscope blades, handles, and light sources can be costly, require maintenance, and increase risk of cross-contamination when not cleaned properly after each use. Rather than relying on your staff to precisely follow maintenance and reprocessing procedures to reduce cross-contamination risks, these risks are effectively eliminated with an entirely single-use product.  Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary risk of cross-contamination by switching to an entirely single-use one piece laryngoscope with integrated LED light source.


OBP Medical’s SURE-SCOPE is a single-use disposable one piece laryngoscope with integrated LED light source.  This ready-to-use one piece device eliminates the time and expense of reprocessing and reduces the risk of cross-contamination in the medical setting by making reusable light sources, handles, and blades obsolete.  The SURE-SCOPE laryngoscope is designed to facilitate tracheal intubation during general anesthesia or cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


SURE-SCOPE’s LED light source is powered by low-voltage alkaline button batteries.   Click here to learn more about our batteries.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 7 in


  • Each SURE-SCOPE comes ready for use with an integrated ultra-bright LED light source
  • SURE-SCOPE is made from a revolutionary reinforced nylon material
  • The SURE-SCOPE LED light source generates no damaging heat
  • The SURE-SCOPE offers an ergonomically designed handle with added grip for comfort and maneuverability
  • SURE-SCOPE's one piece construction ensures laryngoscope blade integrity and eliminates risk of corrosion
  • Each SURE-SCOPE comes individually packed sterile
  • SURE-SCOPE is currently available in MAC 2, MAC 3, MAC 4, MILLER 00, MILLER 0, MILLER 1, MILLER 2, and MILLER 3 blades
  • Ideal for OR, ICU, EMS, ED, Urgent Care, and Crash Carts



  • ROi contract # RMS02360
  • FirstChoice contract # FC2370



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