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Ensuring patient safety is the responsibility of any healthcare organization and/or provider. The OBP Medical single-use Vaginal Exam Kit can help you keep patient’s safe. Reusable vaginal specula and light sources can be costly, require maintenance, and increase risk of cross-contamination when not cleaned properly after each use. Rather than relying on your staff to precisely follow maintenance and reprocessing procedures to reduce cross-contamination risks, these risks are effectively eliminated with an entirely single-use Vaginal Exam Kit.  Reduce cost, increase efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary risk of cross-contamination by switching to an entirely single-use disposable vaginal speculum with integrated LED light source.  Consider the following OBP Medical survey results:


  • Over 90% of users polled agree that ER-SPEC/OfficeSPEC disposable vaginal specula save them time

  • Over 85% of users polled agree that ER-SPEC/OfficeSPEC disposable vaginal specula help reduce risk of cross-contamination

  • Over 75% of users polled switched to ER-SPEC/OfficeSPEC disposable vaginal specula because they were tired of reusable light sources


Assembling the needed components for a pelvic exam can be time consuming and costly.  OBP Medical’s single-use Vaginal Exam Kit eliminates the time and expense of assembling, reprocessing, and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.  The OBP Medical Vaginal Exam Kit comes packed sterile, ready for use. Each vaginal exam kit includes a medium single-use vaginal speculum with a integrated LED light source. Simplify with single-use illumination; never search for, replace, charge, or clean a reusable light source again.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 16 x 10 in
Size & Quantity

C070100 Vaginal Exam Kit – 20 / Box


  • ER-SPEC Single-Use Vaginal Speculum w/ Integrated Light Source (Medium): 1
  • Gauze 100mm x 100mm: 5
  • Cotton Tip Applicator (Small): 4
  • Rayon Tip Swabs (Large): 3
  • Vinyl Catheter 8 Fr: 1
  • Specimen Tube and Cap: 1
  • Specimen Label: 1
  • PVP Swabsticks: 3/pk
  • Power Free Vinyl Gloves: 1 pair
  • Lube Jelly 5g: 1
  • Alcohol Prep Pad: 1


  • Vizient contract # MS3250
  • HealthTrust contract # HPG-5741



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