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This Uncertain Age: Single-Use Devices and Modern Healthcare Delivery

This Uncertain Age: Single-Use Devices and Modern Healthcare Delivery

March 23, 2010, signaled the beginning of a new health care era in America: the signing into law of the Affordable Care Act. The Act meant those who needed healthcare now had the opportunity to find budget-friendly healthcare plans. The existence of Medicare and Medicaid is considerably older, signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson in 1965. Medicare provides older Americans with basic health insurance and single-use devices. Indeed, Medicaid offers health care coverage to a variety of people needing assistance, including low-income families and disabled individuals.

However, Medicare and Medicaid are under threat of losing funding. This is due to fewer people working, more individuals living longer, and, in the case of the ACA, a complete rollback of the law. Further, all of the impacts on national healthcare afford little, save loud debate and few solutions at this time.

With the continued uncertainties in healthcare, the advent of single-use medical devices is key to saving time, money, and lives. This is true whether in a doctor’s urban office, a rural clinic, hospital emergency room, or in the field.

10 Ways Medical Single-Use Devices Deliver Confidence in a Changeable Field

Speed of Ordering

obp’s direct-order system simplifies maintaining your single-use device supply. We ship worldwide and our devices are currently in use in over 10,000 hospitals and health care facilities. Working through the continuously changing regulations maze takes time, but taking care of critical patients cannot wait for the arrival of surgical equipment.

Storage and Disposal

single-use devices


Single-use devices are self-contained and complete upon delivery: the device and its built-in LED light need no further assembly. There is no possibility of parts getting separated, loose parts breaking off or buying batteries or special light fixtures. Once used, the entire device is designed for immediate disposal, rather than reuse. This saves staff the time and money needed for sterilization and restocking. Further, it also eliminates the possibility of breakage during cleaning.

No Wasted Time Waiting for Parts With Single-Use Devices

Replacing devices is as easy as ordering a completely new one. This saves time and effort in hunting for parts serial numbers, tracking down manufacturers or locating a new source when a parts company goes out of business or is out of stock.

Save Staff Time, See More Patients Longer

When exam rooms are equipped with single-use devices, there’s an opportunity to spend more time with patients. This is a critical factor in modern health care, with medical professionals receiving less compensation per patient visit, yet the cost of treating continues to increase, particularly for the older and chronically ill clients.


The most useful medical devices are those that serve the neediest populations; the U.S. has over 4,500 rural Medicare-certified clinics, but only 1,800 full-service hospitals in these areas, out of a total of 6,200 U.S. hospitals. Transporting cases of device parts or heavy lighting equipment is costly, and assembly is time-consuming. obp’s single-use devices are strong enough for shipping yet lightweight and require no additional specialized tools or manuals to operate.

No Additional Resources Needed

In rural locations, where a steady electrical power source is limited, our single-use devices’ LED light source eliminates the need for recharging, backup generators, or unsteady lighting equipment. The LED source is completely encased within the unit and emits no heat, making it safer as both a surgical tool and a light source.

One Pack, One Patient Equals Less Infection

Single-use devices are literally once and done: one packaged device per patient, one use and disposed. The cross-contamination risk decreases significantly with the elimination of excessive handling of devices, faulty cleaning and sterilizing and unwrapped devices coming in contact with other sources of possible contamination in storage drawers and shelves or accidental handling.

Earning Patient Trust

Patient confidence rises when staff set out a sealed set of single-use devices. They understand the facility cares about cleanliness and patient safety sufficiently to provide each exam room with its own set of instruments, meant just for them. There is no concern for the patient who comes in to get well, but fears becoming that one in 32 hospital patients who contract a healthcare-related infection.

Quality Healthcare; No Judgments

For more than 12 million Americans enrolled in Medicaid, there is often a feeling of inadequacy in their healthcare. They are unable to obtain the same treatment advantages as those with employer plans. The stigma and shame of assistance in the quest for basic medical care is tempered with the single-use devices. obp products level the treatment playing field by ensuring all patients receive the same devices dedicated to their care, regardless of who they are, where they live and how they pay for their treatment.

Quality Certifications

Our products meet all U.S. FDA requirements are ISO 13485-certified with the design, production, and manufacturing of our devices. Further, they are regularly reviewed, updated, and subject to inspection.

Learn More About Single-Use Devices

obp’s line of products includes a full range of scopes, seals and kits, all designed for single use in the most complex city hospital surgical suite or the inside of a makeshift medical unit tent constructed during international conflict. With funding of federal healthcare programs still under discussion, healthcare professionals have confidence knowing our products perform, our customer service responds immediately to questions and concerns and patients are assured of more comfortable and complete exams without the risk of cross-contamination. We don’t just offer medical devices; we’re changing the delivery of healthcare that will change the way providers practice patient care. Contact us for more information or to request a free product for your consideration.

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