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Smartphone Apps For the ED

Smartphone Apps For the ED


Mobile technology is taking over the world, the emergency department included. With the majority of people carrying smartphones or tablets these days, it makes sense that the health care industry would make use of this valuable trend, as well. Hospitals can utilize smartphone applications to improve a patient’s experience while in the ER and to aid staff in providing better care. Consider some apps that add something to the performance of a hospital emergency department.


iTriage is a multifunction app that directs patients to the nearest hospital if they need emergency department care. It does much more than that, however. iTriage by Healthagen, LLC. provides a symptom checker, drug database, local list of doctors and even shows wait times for the hospital and urgent care centers in the area.

iTraige is also a valuable tool for medical staff, too. It offers the latest in personal health record management using the Microsoft HealthVault. Patients coming into the ER have all their health information readily available, even access to their family records if necessary.

Developed by ER doctors, iTraige is one stop shopping for health care management. This app is available at no charge for both Android and iOS systems.


Last year, Conquer Mobile won awards for their offering to mobile technology. eBeeper works to optimize workflow for physicians in the emergency department. This app tracks lab requisitions, allowing doctors to stay on top of their patient care without constantly checking in. It also works in the patient’s favor by providing the care provider access to test results and x-rays while at the bedside.

Conquer Mobile specializes in app development for many different industries, but one of the co-founders is an emergency room doctor himself. This gives them insight into what physicians need to improve their care options. eBeeper was a big winner last year at the Sanotron’s Hacking Health conference. The app is not available right now for commercial use, but the company plans are releasing it very soon.


MedCalc improves accuracy for physicians and saves them valuable time. The app is a medical calculator that gives emergency department personnel easy access to formulas, scales and classifications. The programs supplies over 300 relevant formulas for:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Electrolytes
  • Infusion management
  • Respiratory

Just to name a few. The things that staff have to remember or look up normally are now available in one easy to use platform, saving valuable time when managing patient care in the ER. MedCalc costs just under two dollars and is available for iOS 5.0 or later.

Emergency Central

Emergency Central from Unbound Medicine provides a centralized reference resource for emergency department professionals. In this one package, you can get consultations, systematic treatment recommendations, diagnostic test sequence protocols and access to top of the line reference material. The app offers:

  • McGraw-Hill Medical’s Diagnoaurus
  • Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests
  • MEDLINE Journals

Emergency Central is available as both a mobile application and web login for desktop use. It works for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Users pay a one-year subscription fee to gain access to the program. Unbound offers group discounts for hospitals that want to provide this tool to their staff, as well.

Technology is improving health care options by providing consumers with apps that give them more control over their own health, but hospital emergency departments see the benefits too. From patient monitoring to mobile access to easy to find test results, health care professionals are upping their game with the help of mobile technology.



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